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    Octapussylicker Guest

    Default Straight up natural on St Patts Day but i need a bit of help, first ever FR here

    So here's my FR for the one real approach I did.

    St patricks day night, spent at an Irish bar.
    So firstly I'll just say I rarely approach (i've been involved with pua since last year but approach maybe once a month if that in the nearly a year i've been out clubbing. Proir to that i just stayed home because I had no friends to go out with and I've since learnt I don't need friends entirely to go clubbing and some are actually making things worse) because I don't want to force myself to much and seem forced and I really just wanna have fun with everything and seem like I'm always having fun and a fun loving guy.
    Secondly I threw the 3 second rule out the window for the night, being the natural I am. Thirdly I had friends in the club but whenever I apporach its pretty much me by myself no matter how many girls there are.
    And fourth, as always I was sober all night. I'm natural and want to be able to get women without the aid of things such as beer. I'm trying to make my own destiny here.
    Me, seeing as It was St Pats day wore Jeans and a green Japanese 7-up T-shirt (yep, not a good look to some, but it worked a treat).
    So I had spotted this group of 3 on the dancefloor, HB 8s. There was a blonde who I was kind of initally interested in but after I saw her stumble and it was barely 10pm I thought, no sale. Then there were her two friends, both brunettes, one was dancing and had this guy all covered in green trying to pick her up(green being st pats day). Then a few mintues later I saw the blonde with some other guy, and the other brunette was standing next to me. So I said to her
    "damn It looks like one of your friends is trying to be picked up by the incredible hulk and your second is stumbling a bit, I kinda feel sorry for you"
    then she said something, I couldn't really hear her though and I was able to shoot back
    Me:Ok so can read what it says on my shirt?
    Me: You know what this says? It says kiss me I'm irish in Japanese"
    Then she replied stating how she loved my courage and no one has ever approached like that.
    Then I said something about her being attractive and she told me I was lying.
    Then she then said,"why don't you go talk to the girls up near the bar they probably want something right now"
    And it kinda ended there. Thing is, I was looking for a relationship, and I wasn't sure how to convey that.

    Now my questions are,
    1. Am I right in thinking she thought I was a player?
    2. what was my next move so I know for next time? I've got the openers down but how do I move on from that
    3. Is there a way for me to show a girl I'm genuine and not a player if girls ever get that impression?

    thanks in advance and I hoped you liked my FR
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    Salaami Guest

    Default Re: Straight up natural on St Patts Day but i need a bit of help, first ever FR here

    When she tells you she is impressed by you it is an ioi and you needed to capitalize on it, but instead you complemented her on looks which is an absolute no. Next time when a girl says that a good trick is to act like you really dont care that she gave you an IOI. Say something like "Well no wonder no one has approached you, you have hair in your eyes." Brush the hair away from her face (EVEN IF IT REALLY ISNT) and then proceed to keno and dhv, she is going to start being more and more attracted to you (and she already was! The IOI she gave you is a very strong one, verbal too, which is pretty rare)

    So since that was a bit of a jumble ill just write out the things you need to do here.

    1. Capitalize on her IOI
    2. NEVER complement a girl on her looks UNLESS you have her naked or have already had sex with her.

    Also your opener was very good, you can tell that she wants to talk to you more.

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    Champion Guest

    Default Re: Straight up natural on St Patts Day but i need a bit of help, first ever FR here

    Sounds like you did a good job hooking her in, the opener took a lot of courage. But complimenting her put you in the same category as the other guys. Salaami's suggestion is solid.

    I wouldn't attempt to come across as the kind of guy looking for a relationship, she's at the club looking for a fun time, not a boyfriend.

    You should check out Carlos Xuma's Bay Boy Formula.

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