Here in the states the night before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest bar nights of the year. I haven't been to a bar in months so I hit up some of my friends and we went to the local bar. I was pretty stoked. The bar we chose always has allot of people I went to high school with and I was looking forward to seeing people I haven't seen in a long time.

I went and pregamed at my buddy's house beforehand. They live about two blocks from the bar so it's a perfect spot. I currently have a FWB and I haven't seen my friends in a long time so going out and having fun was my priority. Picking up women wasn't even on my mind.

As soon as I got to the bar I saw my friend Katie. I've known her for ten years and she's quite attractive. She's had a thing for me on and off for years. She was with one of her friends who was pretty attractive as well. I said Hi and gave her a hug then went to the bar and got a drink. The hug she gave me was half assed then a little later she rolled her eyes at me when I walked past her table. She obviously wasn't happy with me and I had no idea why.

A little later in the night I noticed no men where talking to them (I don't know why, they're hot) so I approached and said "I've noticed you two have been pretty lonely. You ladies are two of the sexiest women in this bar. There should be guys swarming around you." They both gave me a massive smile and told me how sweet I was. I then looked at Katie and said: That was a pretty half assed hug you gave me and you rolled your eyes at me earlier. What's going on with you? She told me she was upset with me for calling her a "mediocre" fisherman at the same bar two years ago and it made her cry! I didn't even remember the comment but it goes back to my belief that negs do WAY more harm then good.

Throughout the night I would come and go from their table and Katie was showing me more and more interest. I knew I had her but I wanted to just be friends with her. She's very attractive but I would never be more then FWB with her so I told her:
Me: You know what Katie? You have a really nice ass
Her: (Bewildered) How do you know?!
Me: I look at it every time I see you. I've checked it out 5 times already tonight.
Her: (laughs) Oh really?!
Me: Yea. I think you're ridiculously sexy, and I would totally have crazy wild sex with you, but I know you're a strong Christian and I'm an Ashiest. It would never work.
Her: Ohhh. That sucks! (frowns)

After that we talked about sex for awhile. I knew I could have slept with her but I rather have a solid group of attractive women I can go out with that are my friends. You win some you lose some.

I'm a smoker and during this time I kept seeing the same hb6 outside smoking so I would go over and talk to her about whatever was going on around us. I had no intention of picking this girl up at all. After we talked the second time I told her "I'm going back inside. You should smile more Mary. You have an amazing smile". She blushed and gave me an enormous smile. Every time I saw her after that she couldn't stop smiling. Later in the night she asked me if we could exchange numbers, and she was pretty cool so I said ok. She's been texting me profusely since.

Later on in the night I saw an HB9 I'm friends with on FB (she has like 4,000 friends) that I've never met in person before. She walked by me and the conversation follows:

Me: Hey Kelly
Her: Hey do I know you?
Me: We've never met before but I'm friends with you on Facebook and I recognize you. I'm Direct.
Her: Oh it's nice to meet you.
Me: You too. Your much more attractive in person then you are in your photos (smile)

After that comment she immediately changed moods, opened up, and her pupils dialated.

Her: OMG! Thank you! You're so sweet! Have we talked on FB before?
Me: A little back and forth through comment sections but that's about it.
Her: OH that's good! I have so many guys on my facebook that are just creepers. You're really cool.
Me: (Laugh) thanks

After that I put my arm around her and she was totally digging it, leaning into me, and talking incessantly. I couldn't hear allot of what she said because it was loud but she mentioned that she was single about a dozen times. Her phone kept going off, which she complained about because she said she wanted to talk to me. She showed me her phone and she had 50 text messages she hadn't viewed! I teased her about that a little bit and then she said.

Her: You're really cool. Instead of just being facebook friends you should give me your number.
Me: Ok (lists number)
Her: What's your last name
Me: It's (blank) but you can just put Direct Studmuffin
Her: (Laughs) okay!

At this point I really wanted a cigarette so I excused myself and went outside. I had the HB9 in the bag but when I came back in the bar she was gone! Oh well!

Throughout the night I also complimented unattractive women on their outfits if they looked good. This definitely made their nights and I was getting hugs left and right. These women don't get much attention and I enjoy making them feel good. It was fun.

At the end of the night I got Katie and her friend to come to my buddy's house. Katie wanted to spend the night but her friend got all tired and moody so they left. I think Katie wanted to get laid, but with all the AFC's around (I love my friends but they don't get laid much) they were swarming and I wouldn't have got much alone time.

I had a great night and my game was on point! Looking back I could have gotten so many more numbers and most likely taken a really attractive woman home. I really couldn't do anything wrong.

It also got me to think about the PUA adage: Don't use Direct Game at bars. Don't compliment attractive women. I've heard these things countless times and I just destroyed both of these in one night.

The key to direct game and giving compliments is to give genuine compliments. If you're giving a woman compliments to try and pick her up it doesn't work. You must give her genuine compliments and expect nothing in return. This is a hard concept for allot of guys to understand but it rings so true it's deafening. Women can sniff it out in a heartbeat as well. If you can give a woman a genuine compliment expecting nothing in return she will instantly like your extreme confidence, since such a compliment is so rare. It doesn't matter if she's an HB10 and you're at a bar! Cheers!