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Thread: Mini-Steps

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    wannabe Guest

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    IDK about you bro, but i think my penis would be doing the thinking/talking for me. I think you shoulda had that conversation afterwards... why the fark do we keep finding girls that pull that sh1t on us...

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    Coyote Guest

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    Quote Originally Posted by wannabe View Post
    IDK about you bro, but i think my penis would be doing the thinking/talking for me. I think you shoulda had that conversation afterwards... why the fark do we keep finding girls that pull that sh1t on us...
    they are always gonna pull the same shit on us which suits me well. i will screw up with one after the other if need be as long as i keep trying new things... noticing what works and doing it and making small changes to keep improving, and stopping doing what isnt working.

    screwing up is not a good thing if i keep screwing up the same way. i want to take her shit and see what i can do with it.

    they always want to know how it affects them, what do they get, me me me... chicks are self obsessed and we are doing the work right now in getting em... they aren't often that imaginative though... ala the road runner just goes faster and faster. well if i had a horse that fast i would be chasing chicks and wouldn't be too perturbed.

    wiley e must be more persistant and more inventive and he has caught that little bitch road runner a few times or more... you gotta love the chase and the shit she is gonna pull on us

    i felt so sorry for a little sweety tonight i been tracking with cos i beat to the draw too easy with some shit and she is loving giving it up to me... its sorta sweet cos she is gorgeous and yeah she is pulling the same shit in her style or mode... i don't roll over to it just because it is her or shes sweet or whatever... this is a mating ritual that needs to be played out to conclusion and i know the steps better and better as we go in and the closer she and i get IT IS INSTINCT!

    it is what we were made to do at this stage of our lives.

    those earlier things though that she dishes out, i can instantly deflect or Disarm those and she comes closer and closer to me

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    Mystery_wannabe Guest

    Default Re: Mini-Steps

    Update May 15 2010:

    I went to hair salon today with my sister and her friend. When I walked into the salon, I saw this really beautiful mixed girl. She looked half Japanese and half Caucasian. I noticed after a while she started to look at me (although she was very subtle about it) and my heart couldn't stop pounding.

    In the end, I passed 3 seconds and decided to not move in. It was too risky for me to move in and blank out, but deep inside, I wanted to compliment her. After all, this is my weakness as I've never been able to compliment a girl when meeting her.

    She got a trim from the same hair stylist as I did and when she was done and paying at the counter, I said "Your hair looks nice". She didn't look at me, but said "thanks".

    I don't know if she was avoiding eye contact with me or if she was not looking at me on purpose as to say "ewww, I don't want to talk to you" or "omg, he's hot I don't know if I could look him in the eye". She seemed a bit nervous after and left the store quickly before I could say anything else.

    My thoughts:
    - It wasn't great as I had 20 mins to talk to her while she was bored to bits!
    - I'm proud that I've made my first compliment and I said it in a confident way so that I'm not conveying "omg you're the prize, please give me a chance to talk to you", but "you look nice"

    Story 2 (Practice):

    I wasn't too happy about the gorgeous girl I've just missed out on for chickening out so I had to find something to fill my day. After all, today is my birthday.

    As I sat down, I decided to fill in the missing conversation part with the gorgeous girl with the gorgeous hair stylist that I have

    Normally she would stay silent and just cut my hair, but I decided I want to break the ice and it took me about 10 seconds to think of something to say to her. The opening goes like this

    "Can I practice Japanese?"

    It was that simple. The next thing you know, I started entertaining her, asking her questions and making fun of things that she says. When I asked her about specific "rules" and she created them quickly, I made fun of it by saying "If people asked me where I learned this rule from, I'd say Miki's rule (not her real name)".

    The entire interaction became more engaging and fun especially with laughter breaking the silence. I noticed when I looked into her cute eyes, she didn't keep long eye contact with me. It was very seducing, but at the same time I wanted to practice being able to hold proper eye contact without looking weird and being able to appreciate beautiful women without having to dart my eyes away.

    my thoughts:
    - We had some dead moments, I wasn't too proud of it. She had to restart the convo 2-3 times and she wasn't the super talkative type so it was a bit awkward

    - I think I need to make use of threaded topics more and I'm not feeling that the conversation flowing because I'm still worried about "what to say next" as I'm worried my topics get boring after a while

    - I've noticed even when I've opened a girl, most of the topics either stay work/school related or it's about boring topics like "how's life" and "where are you from" which seem so generic. The topics itself die really quick and the girl loses interest.

    How can I keep their interest and what are some safe methods to branch off topics? What are ways to expand that category?

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