Well I figure I'd post a field report where my profile pic came from. Decent amount of people in the bar, but it was a quiet wendesday night. Time to fix that.

Pop in a dollar to the jukebox, throw on some hip hop idk what it was, grab two girls and start dancing like a maniac (both fking gorgeous, 8 and 9 easily). See the owner (I keep friendly with him, always offering him smokes/drinks/etc to keep a good value at this bar), "cool if I dance with these ladies on the bartop?" He grins and gives me the nod. I grab the girls without saying a word, pull them up onto a chair, step them onto the bar, and am dancing my ass off with them. People are cheering like no fucking other, going wild in this place in an instant. Buying shots, handing them to me and the girls. I look over and my wingman is filming the entire thing, so I turn the 9 around, and start pointing at the camera and begin a ritual I like to call "the spank dance", as he films the entire thing. Fucking great video on instagram.

Went from a quiet wednesday to dancing on the bar spanking and making out with one of the sexiest girls there within minutes. Just goes to show once you learn to control energy you can control girls