Some event promotion for charity where people were launching rubber chickens in front of some building, and seeing who could launch them the furthest. Should have taken a picture lol.

See adorable HB8 running the show. I walk up and ask what is this thing going on, and she goes into her whole spiel she's given 50 times that day, you could tell she was completely comfortable with giving me the whole speech. I cut her off halfway through, and said "I'm sorry, I don't even like chicken. I just wanted a reason to talk to you because honestly, you're really cute" while holding frame. She went from complete comfort to red face and nervous laughter in an instant. Flirted for a bit, took down her number (even though she had a boyfriend for 2 years).

Invited her over to go to a party later that week, and she slept over.. I'm a dog lol. Turns out her bf is super needy and weird, and she wanted out (this is 50% of girls with bfs, you are doing them a favor as bad as it feels). We ended up openly dating for about 3 weeks. Unfortunately I can't keep a girl around very long, there's too many to chase out there lol.

Awesome girl though. All of my friends were trying to convince me to date her.

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