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Thread: Odd fear

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    Default Odd fear

    So i approached this girl, and i had this fear ive never had. It was sort of like the what im doing right now is super creepy and wrong fear. But i didnt have a rational reason for it. It was out of body. I approached a girl from behind on the street, and said that i had seen her walking and wanted to say hi, i know its late at night and it might be random or strange something along those lines. Then it was inexplicable. It was like i was picking up on her nervousness and it made me nervous. I asked her something made small talk for a bit, all the while feeling very tense, and then she asked me what i was doing. I said i was using free wifi at the sushi place. Well long story short, i didnt actually see how nice a rack she had until she went into her house, but wow i didnt know someone being stiffled could make you feel so stiffled. State transference is real.

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    Default Re: Odd fear

    It sure is man. They've done plenty of studies on this. They put someone in a waiting room who is comfortable, happy, and unbeat with a group of strangers and monitor the strangers. They find they are all comfortable, and relaxed.

    They put someone else who is tense, and anxious, constantly tapping their foot or rubbing their face, with a different group of strangers, and they found people to be equally as anxious.

    It's almost an aura that we throw off. Sure if someone is anxious, others can grab on, but the study shows that all it takes is for one person to be comfortable and everyone else can follow. You have to be that one.
    You don't need her

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