Australian foreign exchange student, socially anxious about being in foreign country and is having trouble maintaining his social status he has back home, without his social circle. Our goal of this bootcamp was to teach him how to ground himself anywhere, anytime, and create networks of social circles so he can really CREATE the life he wants, not rely on the location of where he grew up.

Drove 1 hour to location, picked up student at his house at 1pm, headed to the local mall. Went into first store, and spoke with workers, bantering, while student followed behind not really making eye contact or saying anything. Just wanted to show him basic interaction, with someone who absolutely would not reject (store workers would lose money if they rejected you lol). Sent him into the next store over, and made him talk to the store worker about men's boots. Broke down basic tonality, body language, and vocal projection. Strapped microphone on student so he would be able to review his audio later (I do vids and audio and send it to the students, I want them to have some homework because I'm evil haha). Sent him into multiple stores, instead of having store worker come up to him and ask if he needed help, I made him raise his hand and voice, and yell excuse me in public. Got him used to having more and more attention on him in the middle of a store. Continued progressing, up to the point where he was grabbing the attention of a store worker, complimenting them on something, and chatting with them about the local area and Australia. Slowly inched up to this.

3pm- after demoing a few sets, it was time to sit down and have a real conversation with a girl. I usually will open sets for my students for their first time, especially if they have social anxiety like this.

Pizza parlor, I open two cute girls eating "Hey ladies, hope you don't mind if we invade your personal bubble here" (while already halfway sitting down before sentence is over) "oh no no that's fine". We sit with them at the booth, and I see my student is not ready to say much. I ask if they are students, they respond yes, and I point to my blushing student and say "[Gary] is a student here too". He opens his mouth in his Australian accent, and these two sorority girls are all over his words. I text him, and give him direction and a few lines to say to keep it going, telling him to build rapport, and ask more about them, and to expand upon what you find out. He is a good student and goes for it. He's using great tonality, banter, and building rapport like we've worked on all afternoon. I shut my mouth, get on my phone, hide in the corner basically, while he talks and talks and talks with these two girls. They were fucking loving him, asking him all about his life and what not. About 45 minutes later the convo was dying down and he kept giving me the "help me get the fuck out of this i'm running out of shit to say" look lol. So I text him to say "well you guys seem cool, but I have to keep shopping. Let me get your number real quick". Both girls give their numbers to him, asking his plans for the weekend etc.

6pm- we leave and hit the first pub. Grab a brew and breakdown the entire mall game, and make more improvements. Student is making fuck loads of progress. He couldn't even talk to store clerks or waiters before without feeling anxious and avoiding conversation. He is chatting with the bartender, booming his voice matching the bartender, and they are hitting it off. I open a couple girls just to show him how to banter and jokingly open about the situation. We dip to the next venue to smoke some hookah and see what else is in for the night.

8pm hookah lounge, it's starting to pop off. We become friendly with the staff (I like to learn the manager's names, and buy them a drink. It makes for a really smooth night, and when the manager walks up and people see you're on first name basis, instant high value). I see he still is working on "continuing the conversation" part of his game, so I am still opening sets at this point. I open a two set, fucking sexy girls. Very difficult set, probably one of my hardest because they were extremely dominant girls, so it was great to show him what to do. Two cute ass blonde cheerleaders, we join their table and bring our hookah. One girl very dominant, shit testing everything I say lmao.

her:"why do you have a man bun... that's pretty girly don't you think.. along with the tight shirt. Like what are you trying to do here" as she knuckle bumps her friend and laughs manically.

Me: "I love how you make up for your short size with such sassiness, it's kind of adorable. But the tight shirt is just a little sneak preview." While giving negative body language, and a cheesy ass grin, of course.

She gets a little red, and says something to her friend. The shit tests continued flying at me and I was dodging them like Neo in the Matrix. Fuckin hilarious, and great for the student to see, as I just taught him about shit tests.

I show him building rapport, talking about how I feel about helping kids get over hardships and having them thank me after (i give teen suicidal therapy). I have him work on building rapport like I did. He does fucking awesome at talking about being in a new culture and adapting, and the girls talk about going from small high schools to huge college. Great rapport building, he used my template perfectly.

The girls like us a lot at this point. They are buying us shots, having us smoke their hookah, asking all about us and what not. Great fucking time. They dipped out because they had work at 6am, but we sat around and broke down everything after.

11pm time to go home. At this point, I had been talking theory and application for 10 hours essentially. My brain, along with his. Fucking cooked. But massive massive progress today.

From not being able to talk to anybody, to having a good ass time with multiple double sets that were interested in him, buying him drinks, and asking about when they're going to hang out.

Definitely worth a day's work . Fucking love teaching.