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Thread: The Gym Gaze :)

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    Default The Gym Gaze :)

    Beautiful girl, I don't give out the 9's and 10's very often, but this one for sure a 9.

    She arrives as I am benching my working set, which I've been working very hard on recently. Not gonna gloat on here, but I'm not a very big guy and I can bench a lot. As I bust out my heaviest set, the random guys around me come over to give me knuckles and high fives and whatever. I just tell them "thank you man I really appreciate that after all this hard work". I am making them laugh with a little banter about thinking of losing the spelling bee in the third grade and that's my fuel to push hard.

    The 9 is walking past, smirking at our group. She walks far past to the water fountain, and turns around and looks at me. I see her gaze, and hold dead eye contact. It was almost awkwardly long, in fact yes it was awkwardly long. I am good with eye contact and not looking away, but god damn it so was she. I really wanted to look away from her, that anxiety never goes away, but I've trained myself to never look away no matter how awkward.. no matter how dry my eyes get, or how badly I wanna check my phone. That's your brain making weird self preserving excuses.

    She looks down (great sign when they look down), and smiles, and walks off. I do a couple more sets, making eye contact, and haven't approached her yet. Still have my headphones in the zone for a minute. IMO the 3 second rule doesn't really apply in the gym (also 3 second rule is not really for intermediate or advanced guys anyways, it's just a technique to kill hesitation). I shower, and am on my way out, looking to approach her.

    Funny thing is, she approaches me before I even see her. She tells me have a good day, and I sit down next to her and chat her up about how she is beautiful, my job, build rapport, etc etc. She is blushing, and kinda awkwardly adorably nervous. We'll see where this one goes.

    Takes balls for a girl to approach you guys.

    One thing I usually do, and it doesn't always work out perfectly, is to assume attraction here. If the girl approaches you, about 75% of the time she is attracted. It doesn't happen often, especially if you have good body language. But if she does, assume attraction, and chat her the fuck up.

    Anywho, just wanted to type this up for people to see.


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    Default Re: The Gym Gaze :)

    There's a few things to Take Away from this interaction. Number one is the fact she held eye contact so long means she's into you. A woman doesn't hold eye contact that long with a man she doesn't find intriguing. Number two, the smile cemented the attraction. Number three I would say 100 percent of the time a woman approaches you she likes you. Unless she HAS to approach you for some logical reason.

    I know you'll see this girl again, but she's definitely in the bag!

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