Man oh man. Been pushing myself WAY out of my comfort zone the past couple of days. I am in Colombia, in south america. And I Speak absolutely no spanish, nor do I understand the culture down here.

It's been fucking awesome so far. SO many hot girls.. everywhere. But they are completely different. USA girls are so slutty... lol. Catholicism is still pretty prominent down here, and girls don't shy too far from their parents. So gaming them is difficult.

That being said, I am a loud ass gringo, and love to shake hands and meet people. Even if you don't speak the language, using nonverbals is so massive down here. It has given me a chance to work on my smiling, eye contact, tonality, dominant body language, and facial expressions vastly.

It has solidified my belief that communication is not really about the verbal content you use, but the way you say it. I tease the fuck out of girls and they have no idea what I am saying, but they respond the exact same way girls back home do. For instance, the bartender took my drink while I was not done, and I screamed "whoa whoa whoa! What is you doin gurl???" And gave her this goofy cockeyed face while furrowing my eyebrows. Immediately she sets it down and began laughing and apologizing and I continued as if she spoke english, and ended up snagging her number via my friend who speaks spanish before I left.

Blew my mind, becuase she doesn't understand a lick of english, but girls respond the same exact way through non verbals.

Anywho, I will keep you all updated. Sorry I was absent for a bit. I became very sick on my first day here (ironically not from the food/water, but my nephew in Georgia before I left lol). More nonverbal game to come.

Til then,