Hey guys, just wanted to post how my sat night went.

It was my 3rd night out using tactics of the game.
Went to a stripclub, talked to a Stripper and number closed : )

So how did I do it?
negs and statements of disqualification were useful in getting the stripper out of stripper mode.

Initially I gave her no attention when she came up to us for dance (half Mexican and half Italian. Probably around 26ish?). I told we were just out celebrating an event and needed more drinks.

She came back and I talked to her normally (in a non polite mode). She asked if I wanted a dance I told her my buddy was super picky and then my buddy gave her some money and I said fine I guess I'll have to settle for you : )

When we went back she asked me if I was married. I showed my fingers and said no, do you have problems seeing in the dark or are you just interested in me? I then looked at her hands and noticed a ring. Immediately I pulled her hands and did the ring routine which I adapted from this wicked book called Smooove at Supper.

This got her out of stripper mode and she started talking about her life story….once she was out of stripper mode I told I need to run and that it was not useful to take her number cause my phone was going to die. I then said…well lets try anyways; and she gave me her number and told that I better call her : )

End of the day all went smoothly.

Thanks for all your help from this forum. I dedicate my success to all of you : )