This isn't really a field report per se since I wasn't really trying to pick this woman up.

Anyway, I was in line at the liquor store and there was a blonde HB 9 right in front of me. I start talking to her by just asking her what kind of wine she bought. We wound up getting into a conversation about wines(I had two bottles). We both noticed the other liquor store was closed and I said something to her like "oh you were the crazy blonde driving around?" I soon find out she's married. It's amazing how they seamlessly weave it into the conversation. She was probably mid thirties at least so I didn't doubt it. I am pretty certain it was not a s*** test. I think a lot of times women just like the attention and will talk to guys. She was actually very friendly and it surprised me that a woman this hot could be so polite and friendly to a male stranger. I've had it happen before but it seems kind of rare.

Anyway, this was just practice for me to talk to a pretty woman. I wasn't trying to game her anyway. I wasn't even shaved(although some women like the rough look). It was a good interaction while it lasted and it gave me an idea how to improvise during a conversation. You just have to build on each person's comments. Having something something to talk about(preferably something relevant to the situation)helps a lot. It's pretty tough to make conversation out of thin air so commenting about the immediate environment or situation is a good way to get the conversation going. Talking to a friendly woman helps a lot too. I've noticed that married or taken women are often easier to talk to because they have their guard down. Single woman often have their defenses up and aren't as receptive.