Well, first off, before I entered class, there's this brotege of mine that I teach before and after class, he's struggling with this girl he sees at work that he doesn't know how to approach, anyways, I had him watch outside the classroom while I tested her just a little bit more before I did anything I regretted. Well, she had me go to a secluded classroom next door so I could focus on my work, and she asked me why I've been so distracted in her class. She said that none of the other teachers have problems with me. I told her "to be honest, I find you highly physically attractive, and I can't think straight and focus on my work when you're around. You have the most beautiful hair and the greatest nostalgic smile I've seen, and I just keep thinking to myself what it would be like if you were to accept a date with me." I have never seen a shade of red like that in my life, it was like a volcano erupted in both sides of her face. It was the SCARIEST minute of my life, but after a minute of complete silence and shock, all she had to say was "Alan........you , of all people, I would have never expected this. You are one of the brightest students in my class, you and Judah, and in all the embarrassment I'm feeling right now, and since you've thrown all this out into the open with me, I have to say I have parallel feelings about you. How about the ball Friday night, and you can show me your dancing techniques and I can share with you mine?" I leaned in gave her a kiss on the cheek and she pulled back and pulled back in and gave me the most romantic kiss I have ever felt. After class, everyone left and Judah pulled me aside and all he could say was nothing. I think at least one person has given me their undivided attention and respect. I will tell you how the first date goes Saturday night.