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    Salaami Guest

    Default HB10 great reactions so far now for d3

    So about 2 weeks ago i met this HB10 who I clicked pretty well with. We texted a lot and despite a bit of resistance i ended up hanging out with her afterschool one day. What as supposed to be a 30 minute hang out ended up being 5 hours of keno escalation and future meeting build up. We took a bus down to a friends house and when we got there when we were about to start making out her mom decided to pick her up...

    Anyway she is coming over tomorrow night, but she has to bring a friend because she was supposed to be hanging out with that friend in the first place. So i just invited my wing over aswell and we are all going to chill and watch a movie and then smoke and go to a party. What I need is a solid gameplan on how im going to get her from watching this movie to my bed without causing her friend too much discomfort.

    Additional details:
    1. I put her on a point system where the final reward was a massage, which was my original plan to get her away from her friend.
    2. She seems very very into me and has actually told me blatantly that I'm the person she likes to spend time with the most out of all her friends. (In response to this i picked up the pace on my keno to prevent LJBF lockup)
    3. It seems to be going excellent!

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    Salaami Guest

    Default Re: HB10 great reactions so far now for d3


    Ive screwed up pretty badly. this morning she called and flaked on me and I reacted by telling her pretty angrily that i expected it and was going to call someone else. She seems pretty pissed off at me now, how can i rectify the huge mistake i realized i made 1 second after i made it?


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