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    Coyote Guest

    Default Work in progress

    This one is at a point where I am escalating.
    She is maybe 19. About a 7 but with the legs an 8 1/2
    I like legs
    Her boss doesn't like me and I found that she doesn't like her boss. Whilst she had been under his sway since she got there and I was already doing business with him... She has recently warmed up again and her personality has opened to me like a flower to the sun. It is like she is saying she made an error in judgement being rude to me yet not bowing and scraping. Very pleasant demeanor.

    Talking to me a lot about her mother today. Obviously looks up to or adores her mother.
    Was flirting with another bloke and liked that I was cool with it
    Self esteem stuff
    Conversationalist. Talks maturely

    May or may not have a bf
    Continues on conversations from previous

    Would maybe work for me. Probably would get her Mum's guidance on that...?
    Oh, and flirts of course.

    Thats where I am at with this one. Its an opportunity. I am not hanging my hat on it yet its fairly realistic that I f close her.
    Can anyone help me workshop this one??

    Thanks guys.
    Ask questions and express your insights.

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: Work in progress

    invited me to watch my team plays hers tomorrow whilst she works. pretty open and friendly. we have things in common. told me where she lives (in the same street as my folks).

    prefers me being in her workplace than her boss. a few of the girls in that business are opening up to me and the boss is allowing his mates to smoke joints on site etc and the younger hot babes arent interested in serving old dorks.

    i am the man in this business as they prob feel protected by me. the boss hates me and is maybe a little frightened as he knows all the street people (homeless) etc... do what i need them to do. people know that i can get the entire aboriginal tribe in a business for a private function if i am dissed by some smartass alcohol pusher

    robin hood...... only there are quite a band of merry men and maid marians every day

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: Work in progress

    on my way to see her now. and hopefully my team does the job on hers.
    a few things about how she lives her life i aint into but i am after a fclose not a whole lot more else. at her age they often are looking for the deep and meaningful even if it is a lie - people have to sign on for the lie - though i reckon me and this arch rival supporting babe can get something pretty casual

    there is another HB8 not far away and a bit older who is all for a casual thing. and she wants to see me tomorrow

    i also gotta get other areas of my life (game) in order.... like those that most peeps do for jobs. I have such a leaning toward this metaphor of game that some of the more boring modes of living get disregarded

    and see how i am approaching a close which will ultimately result in me closing her in her bed not far from my folks place (so i can drop in for a feed after).... and i am letting myself get distracted by things that are on the periphery??

    i gotta fly in low to the ground zoning in on this HB and BANG!

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