Went out with a group of friends to a bar, sexy HB8 red head standing by the bar flirting with some guy. She is smiling but he seems to be gaming her pretty hard, so I figured they weren't dating. I walked up next to her, and told her "you are fucking gorgeous, can I marry you tonight?" She began cracking up, said yes, as I pushed it a little further. "We can bust out the tequila and break the glass like Jews when we're done..." *order two shots of tequila* she says "I like you" at this point the initial guy is kinda pissed, and I didn't mean to push him out or whatever... but he wasn't doing so hot and I really felt like approaching her lol.

So I take her by the hand and drag her to another section of the bar, and we begin raunchily (is that a word? if so this is appropriate..) kissing on the bar, I am grabbing her ass... it's going really well. Her fat friends walk up and are in a huge rush to leave, their car was being towed out front lol. She grabs my phone out of my pocket and puts her number in, and tries to walk off. Having known how girls can play games, and slightly suspicious even though she put it in herself without even saying anything, I made her wait while I dialed her number and she showed me her phone ringing (good move to learn).

This was 2 days ago, but I've only had some superficial conversations with her over texting. We will see where this goes.

I don't post a ton of my field reports on here, but this was a little special, because there are some take aways from it.

First off- it's okay to AMOG a guy who is fucking up.. not someone who is doing well and you just want to be a dick. He'll understand.

2nd- it's totally fine to buy a girl a drink... but in the right context. Don't buy her one because you want to get her attention or want her to stick around and talk with you. That's fucking weird. But when you are playing around and just buy her one, and don't expect anything back in return... even if she walks away with the drink you don't really care because it was just a gesture of fun, that's fine.

3rd- don't wait so long to get into the make out. Don't think "ooooh I gotta run some comfort game and do some Kino moves and some PUA tacticals before she really likes me". If she is flirting, and you are at the bar especially.. push it a little. (I actually started touching her tits and she pushed my hands off.. lmao).

4th- Girls at the bar are the flakiest numbers ever. I have had so many fake numbers in my time, or girls who will give you their real number and not respond. It's partially alcohol, partially bar ADD, partially your game. Only one aspect can be controlled, so don't get too hard on yourself.

Hope you enjoyed the small tidbit of insight!