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    Default St Paddy's Pick Up

    Low end kinda night but not because I suck just not the turnout I was expecting. Now that my standards are higher I approach less not due to aa but because I know time investment is involved and I am not willing to invest unless I like them. Anyway I do 9's, 10's or "hot chicks" who I really don't rate.

    So I am not really super try hard in Spring but Summer yes. peacocking was too much I am afraid just scared girls away as I didn't get approached like last year. In fact no one barely noticed me. Maybe I'll tone it down next time.

    St Paddy's Pick Up
    So I didn't see any targets which was abnormal but according to my weather theory made sense. So came out empty handed for my Daygame prospects so then I went out that night.

    Club Pick Up
    Again no turn out. But all new hot bartenders. So my old crash and burns were gone. Big score. I could start all over and not make the same mistakes. Saw a hot bartender as I walked in but "I thought" maybe check one other bar.

    So I see these tan chick in a black skirt. Looking fine maybe as fine as the other. But I wanted to talk to this one so I said to myself "approach" keep in mind this is instinctual no longer a "mindset".

    Approached very low key. Ordered a drink and opened a tab. Exited. I liked the merchandise but I saw her hug the bouncer so I was angry and ready to close but I thought she can have one freebie. Anyway order my second no side convo.

    Here's my experience comes into play. I decide to open. Stage is set. No one buying drinks. I open again low key. Run my bartender game.

    Sarge: Hey you're new here
    Bartender: Since April
    Sarge: So one year?...
    Bartender: Yeah
    Sarge: What's your name?
    Bartender: Amy (giving her a fake name)
    Bartender: What's yours?
    Sarge: Give my name but I was not trying to do that
    Sarge: Cool, I party here I'm here a lot more in the warmer months
    Bartender: You from here?
    Sarge: One hour away
    Sarge: So you're from here?
    Bartender: Big long convo about where she's from...(turns her back to someone else so I exit)

    I liked the merchandise so I came back later. Ordered a couple drinks without incident. Opened again. Again not caring. Low ball

    Sarge: Are having fun?
    Amy: I'm having less fun. Less fun as the night goes by. I go down down. I need to get pumped up and starts dancing. I chuckle.
    Amy: Makes kitty kat gesture with like paws or something I dunno but I loved it so I rolled with it
    Sarge: Are you a Kitty Kat?
    Amy knods her head
    Sarge: Can I pet you?
    Amy: Yes
    Sarge: Use my signature non-needy petting Kino
    Amy: I'm purring
    Sarge: On the inside?
    Amy: if you can't see I'm purring
    Amy makes a heart of love gesture so I make one back. I roll off damn! Guys staring as I exit haha

    Order another drink. Later I decide to close out. Go up order my last drink. Ask her to take a shot with me. We take shots.

    Here's where I up my game. "Knowing" my previous blowouts after I did all
    the work I simply made it harder for her. Usually I close with asking for the number. I decide against. Instead I close on my gut feelings

    Sarge: Amy
    Amy: Ssssh
    Sarge: We should party sometime
    Amy: Write your number on the receipt, and I'll look you up on Facebook.
    When you let go of your feelings you can really then embrace your surroundings
    Love is a game that's why I don't worry about it anymore. When you let go of your feelings you find your meaning.

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    Default Re: St Paddy's Pick Up

    Nice bro, so you left the place right after you took her number??

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