Lay-Report: French-American Girl

Ok now this girl isn't even from France, I just remember her telling me that she has some French heritage in conversation. She is actually from Cali and just finished up going to school up by where I live and was interning to become a teacher. I won't say where she goes to school for her own privacy, but those of you that know me personally can use your imaginations to figure out what major school is up by where I live.

Now this all started out as a cold-approach on the street at like 9pm. I texted her for a long time before she finally agreed to meet up with me. I knew she was worth it though because she is stunning; at least to me.

Like I said before... I met her initially late at night around 9 by Columbia University; which is by where I live. It wasn't a long drawn out conversation. I just basically went up to her and asked for directions, then I transitioned into telling her I thought she was cute and asked her if she wanted to hang out sometime. She agreed and I asked for her number.

I probably texted her for almost 2 months by just sending random texts like, "Hey, what's up?" She replied to every one, but always told me that she had to study for a test or something relating to school.

This was around Christmas and New Year's - so I built a good amount of comfort by just sending cute memes relating to those holidays in between. After a good month and a half after these random texts - all within a week of each other approximately - she agreed to come out with me. I could tell she had a degree of interest just because she was choosing to respond and that faith I had paid off.

We met in Time Square right by a store where I usually meet my dates at. We then walked to a Pool-hall/Bowling alley that I've mentioned in previous Lay Reports. She complimented me on my choice of place in the beginning - so I knew I was on the right track.

We played 2-3 games of 8-ball and she was surprisingly somewhat decent at the game. I tried my best not to look like I was going easy on her, but won most of the games. I did manage to scratch on the 8-ball one game - which I'm pretty sure was the only game she won. I waited til after she won to kiss her, because it seemed to put her in a happier mood. I kissed her and we made out a little. I kissed her here and there in between my turns and I always ended the kisses first and took my shot right after.

Afterward we got some pizza at a resaurant close by and she spent most of the time there talking poorly about some girls a couple of tables down. I just looked at my phone, asked her why she was so repulsed by them and proceeded to listen to her crying about how they reminded her of girls she despised during childhood.

After she finished her pizza I suggested us going back to my place - which is close by where I got her number - to watch a movie. She said she wasn't going to have sex, I agreed and said I wasn't expecting her to. Once that was settled we jumped in a taxi.

When we were in the cab I pulled her over close to me, she laid her head on my shoulder and I kissed the side of her head. After that I looked out the window and answered whatever questions she chose to ask me. She was very comfortable and I felt as though we had very nice chemistry from the beginning.

Once we got by my apartment, I paid the cab and we walked up to my place. I put this show Archer on, which I've done in previous LR's also. We then laid in my bed and cuddled for a brief moment.

After a few minutes of watching an episode of Archer, that I have already seen many times, I started to get bored and turned to kiss her. She placed her hand behind my head and started making out with me as though she anticipated this. I could tell she was getting turned on with her accelerated breathing, so I reached down and removed her pants.

I had a condom in the pants I was wearing, so once I got her pants off I took it out. I continued kissing her and rubbing her you-know-what. I took my pants off, slid my rain-coat on and put the car the garage - so to speak. Mission accomplished!

We were on and off most of the night - nothing too eccentric. I felt like she wanted a little more dominance from me, but I didn't want to do anything that she'd be ashamed of in the morning - so I kept the sex pretty conservative.

We woke up the next morning and hooked up again, then I took her to my favorite French restaurant in the East Side. I paid for breakfast, but let me mention that the whole night before we were taking turns paying for everything. I like to take turns to establish a sense of equality.

Following breakfast, we grabbed a cab to her place and this time I made her pay for it, then I paid from there to go to my place - which wasn't that much further. I gave her a kiss before she left and that was that.

We hooked up a couple of times since then, but it was at her place and she left back to Cali as well. I met her right as she was finishing up with her Master's; which kind of sucks because she was a great lay and would've loved to be hitting that on a regular basis - such is life.

So that's my story of the French Girl - I hope this helps some of you and feel free to share your own stories and tell me what you think. Thanks for reading!

-PUA Redsky