After hearing about Tinder From friends, this forum and at work. My curiosity hit its peak. So when some of our subcontractors were at the pub after work, I asked for a turn on theres. Although they were protective of it, which I don't know why since I have higher standards then all of them and am not going to choose anyone below there standards. I found it fascinating that I have the ability to control my encounters by distance and gain exposure to beautiful women in regions I don't goto.

Now Online game to me I would never do, its not something I enjoy because I feel it gives the woman too much power hiding behind a phone.

So after Carefully selecting the 6 photos I put up, Showing Variety, bad boy, Mystery, dhv and Social Proof. Also designing a bio which would be intriguing but curious, I was now ready to Swipe.

First Chick:

Hot, She opened me, sounded suss, googled it and it was a scam to do with Skype.

Second Chick:

About HB6-7 which was good since my first online game, get the experience I need on the alrights.
She didn't show much interest at first, but by the Night time I was giving 2 second answers to her 10 line sentences. Then I went Bed, remained No Contact.

Third Chick:

HB9 with Awesome sense of fashion and great Breast, She also loves Raves, which was easy for me because I come from that seen. Number closed by using a NEG which I then turned into a qualifier (pretty proud of that one)

List goes on.

I've been on Tinder for 3 days tonight and am currently talking to 11 HB9-10's and a 3 HB5-8's. Every single one of them are initiating and giving far more then what they are receiving.

I never liked online game. Now I think I have an addiction LOL. Too much access to so many women.