SDL: Sexually eager half Oriental!

Street to sex- about 4 hours.

Ok, so last Saturday I had a student. After our dinner break I said to him “Ok, 5 more approaches and we’ll wrap up!”

One his fourth approach I set him onto this cute semi oriental girl. As soon as he opened her, I could also tell that she was extremely open and friendly. He had a good interaction, but 2 mins later she was walking away. “Sh1t! I thought to myself….. that should have been a DEMO set… I could have laid that girl for sure!”

Well, I’ve got a new opener for Instructors. “Hey, I just had to come talk to you… If I’d have quit after you blew my student out, I’d have been kicking myself all day.” … hahaha! (No, I don't actually use that opener - it's waaaay over-used!)

No, but seriously – I’ve noted before that NOT re-opening sets my students have been blown out of is stupid. Just like not opening a girl that your friend/wingman has failed with is stupid. I’ve done it before – but then I fall back into not doing it. What – just because someone we’re with had a chat with a girl, we can’t come up to her? This is flawed thinking. Especially when you can use that interaction as a pretense for opening. (E.g - I think you broke my friend's heart. What happened?)

So, that being said – I re-open this girl. All I had to say was that I’m a comedian and we’re going to be filming bloopers of men approaching women… and that was that. In the past, I’ve told them that I teach PU and that I wanted feedback on how my student has done. Women are open to this – and flattered that they were picked as a “target babe” …. It’s funny how we have these ideas about what we can and can’t do. Most of ‘em are bullSh1t. It’s just all about your frame. If you act like it’s cool, then it’s cool!

Anyways – I chat with her for a few minutes and she’s very chilled, relaxed. Sweet!! But, I have to wrap up with my student. I say to her, “gimmie your number, I’ll be free in 15 minutes” … she does and I head back.

I do my wrap up in the coffee shop, then call her and say to her to come over in around 20 minutes… (I had to phone/text some other girls to arrange stuff)

She shows up. We have a nice long chat… she’s very friendly and warm. We spoke honestly on a broooaaaaaad range of topics. The Question game ensues…. She answers everything without hesitation. She’s a good girl, only hooked up with 4 guys!! Pretty much all boyfriends except one. She’s 23. Recently became single. She lives in a small town a couple of hours away. She’s actually an aerospace engineer. Designs systems for planes for a massive company. As we’re chilling, she gets a call from her friend. Her friend is very sick and isn’t going to be able to come out to meet her after all. Ah – when it’s revealed that her friend’s a guy she says “don’t’ worry, it’s not my BF” which is a good sign! – not that I really needed one at this point.

Anyways, I go to kiss her on the cheeck and she moves her head in for the kiss – so we make out. She’s re-escalating me!! Hahaha …. When you escalate, and a girl escalated on you more. Escalation re-escalation? Haha. Anywho - she’s got very nice lips and is a great kisser indeed!!

God – it’s so easy – you just go for a kiss on the cheeck really slowly, and the girls that want to make out will move their head in for it. I’ve found also the direction they move their head to be quite telling (Obviously towards you = good, away = bad)

Why hadn’t anyone told me this when I was 15? Fack.
After that I start making jokes about how we’re going to be making sweet love. I think I pretty much said we should go and have fun later on. She said “I don’t plan those kind of things in advance!” …. I always make jokes about how I’m going to make sweet love to girls… pretty much whether “it’s on” or not. Mainly it amuses me… but it’s kind of a future projection too, hehe. A realistic one – not one where we escape to the moon on home made rocket ships. :P

We go for a walk. I tell her we should go to mine and watch a film… I mention my friend is there but he’s got to go out at nine. She says “well, I’ll probably leave at nine” …. She knows she’s not leaving, but she says that not to feel slutty. I reveal to her my polyamorous views (Thanks Johnny Soporno!) and she likes them a lot. She says to me “I like sex a lot, and I generally just have a boyfriend so I can have sex” …. Interesting. So she’s basically saying – she wants to fark random guys for fun, but doesn’t do it (and keeps a boyfriend) because that’s what society considers “normal.”

At one point we’re fooling around on the couch and I said to her “gee… you don’t seem like you want it that bad for a girl that loves it!” … her reply “I could be convinced….”
I wasn’t actually that horny as I got some the night before with a FB… I think I’m getting on a bit! I didn’t actually care if I got laid or not – yikes!! This needs to be investigated.
This was a lame performance by me. That’s all I’m going to say. 

One thing I'd not tried before: Couch sex! It's fun!! I had her on her knees facing away, over the couch. That’s hot cuz you can bite the neck and reach around for the boobs. Then she wants to do it on the floor!! I just didn’t have any mojo left…. Damn. Then she had to split, to spend a bit of time with her friend. Awesome, I didn’t even have to throw her out. She threw herself out!! She used me and then ran away!! Woo!!

Anywho: Getting this girl back took little game. I knew this was a hot lead when I saw her reaction to being opened. It’s all about how up for it the girl is. Then, you just need minimal game to make it go down. All I did was ignore a couple of little anti-slut comments… and lead.

I’m starting to think game is more about finding the right girl, than anything else. Which brings me back to – opening actually the most important part... I feel like I’m going around in circles!!
It really is amazing the variance in the levels of sexual openness for girls. I mean – it’s really truly amazing. Question is: Can you take a girl who’s a prude, and turn her into one of the sexually liberated types? Is that possible? Shouldn’t it be? If you can turn an AFC into a PUA … then it definitely should be. Maybe the problem is, it would just take a lot of time.

Maybe that’s the solution: Look for the girls that are easy to bed!
Or: work on your game so you can bed any girls that you want to bed?
Or, just be social, and meet lots of people until you find girls that you really like –and then go to bed with them. Whether it’s easy, hard, or something in between. If you really like ‘em (and they you) getting them into bed won’t really be an issue. “Game” Won’t be an issue. It will be redundant. Yea – that’s the one… that’s gotta be the one….

Hmmm I didn’t learn too much from this one. Just that, Some girls are REALLY up for it! :P … and that even the ones that really ARE up for it, don’t want to feel like sluts.
It’s up to use to make them feel that, we don’t think their sluts. (Even if we do) (Which we shouldn’t) :P

Got me? Good.

POST SDL Update:

I went and stayed with her for a few nights soon after this was written. We had a very, very good time. (4 nights out of 5… )

(BOOM!!!) My mojo was back with a vengeance!!

This girl has talent.

Side note: I’ve made my first porn movie.

Has anyone Made their own porn before? I can’t stop watching it. I was on the bus watching it, couldn’t turn it off. There’s just something about watching a girl suck your d1ck. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a video of a girl giving head just the way I like? Or is it because it’s my cock? I honestly don’t know. But it’s hot.
No, I’m not gonna post it THAT. You sicko’s

And I was worried! Pff!!


Much love – Sasha.