First Night Gaming (In Strip Club)

This is my first field report so be gentle with the comments about the format and the length as I am going to try to be as detailed as possible.

My friend and I were trying to head out to the hotspots in town (to get better at gaming) and by 11 pm we had realized most of the spots were closed. I was so determined to go out and practice, as I am tired of being an AFC, so we decided to hit one of the local strip clubs and give it a shot. Yea I know that might be a little weird but there were no other options but to go home and talk about gaming, which is nowhere near as effective as in clubs practicing. Before we got there I told myself I am only buying one drink and no lap dances (yes it was hard to say no, haha).

So we found a good spot that was far enough from the stage to stay out of the “perv zone”, as my buddy called it, but was still in a good place for high stripper traffic. We sat down order a drink each of course because I was getting a bit nervous and thought it would be weird if I didn’t get one drink.

For the first 40-45 minutes we had a couple strippers come over and ask us if we wanted dances, of course we said no as that was against our rules. I tried a couple lines but they seemed very ineffective. When I had tried the canned material I had learned, I noticed that it seemed like they had heard those routines before. Apparently I am not the only who tried to game at a strip club (duh).

After the first 45 minutes I was getting a bit discouraged but finally had a stripper come up and just start a conversation with us, obviously she was gaming us trying to get us to buy a dance, but it was refreshing nonetheless. I tried to turn the tables by telling her a story about my ex who was a stripper (well she really wasn’t but I tried to preselect myself and it worked J). I think this is about the time I broke down her “stripper barrier” because she never got to ask me for the dance, in fact she sat there for about 45-50 minutes and I just kept playfully negging her. About ten minutes into me trying to pick her up I believe I got her to think I was the prize. She started qualifying herself like telling me she wanted to be a singer and all. Then sang me a song (she really did have a nice voice so that was cool). My buddy that was with me knows and has more practice than me in the field trying to pick up girls and he said “man I was going into my pocket to get you the keys to the car so you could Isolate”.

I had missed my opportunity, I got too nervous after she was talking about hanging out “sometime”. I do however feel that this helped me a ton. Not sure how long I should keep the report to so I will add some of the playful lines that I threw at her that I think worked really well. Would like some opinions on these and would also like some opinions on how I did and share your own experiences also about gaming in the strip club.

Most of the negs I used I had read on different forums and heard from different sources, I am not claiming to have made any of these up. I used them whenever it felt right really not all at once obviously. I negged her a lot but very playfully I pretty much just disagreed with everything she said at first until I felt the switch in who was picking up who. These are the only ones I can remember right now.
· You are cute but you just aren’t my type
· I told her I stripped on the weekend for some extra money so I definitely won’t be buying any dances (this seemed to work really well)
· Made fun of her football team (somehow we got to talking about football)
All in all I think I did ok…I should have tried to isolate and get the digits but was to in shock and wasn’t really thinking it was possible. Any tips, feedback, or questions are appreciated. Again sorry it was so long L.