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Thread: Vacation Game

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    Default Vacation Game

    One of the coolest things about being great with women is the ability to go on vacation and test out new girls in new areas.

    I will say this much- San Francisco women.. are bad as fuck. Absolutely gorgeous (except for some smelly hairy legged hippy girls, avoid them)

    On 420, the collection of blonde haired probably has daddy issues 19 year olds skipping anthropology class was embarking on a journey to hippy hill to enjoy some catnip and festivities.

    I'll write about one specific girl. With her friends on a big blanket, her guy friends are playing hackisack (of course), I jump into the circle laughing and yell for them to pass it here... and absolutely fail at kicking it. Yell at one kid jokingly that it was a terrible pass and he fucked up the super bowl. I was waiting for a come back, but he just bashfully laughed. I sat down next to blondie number 1 and tell her she is fucking beautiful, I thought it was only people who didn't shower and praised Bernie Sanders out here. She laughed, we hit it off, and I took her for a walk around the park so she could "show me all the cool spots at the park" and "I'd have her back in two minutes, my friends are right there by you guys". I actually led her over to the trees, pulled her in, made out. Being 3 pm and I had no house (or anywhere near to take her that wasn't completely filled with people), it ended up being a make out/number pull.

    Lessons to take:
    You don't have to AMOG, I actually expected the guy to say something funny back or punch me in the shoulder.. but he ended up being very shy or I caught him off guard, don't push it any further unless you wanna look like a total dick.
    Women's friends will be less concerned if you "sneak" into the group like that instead of sniping right for the girl. They already felt my vibe out, and saw I was a funny normal guy, and were fine with me taking the friend.
    Work out logistics before you go game, where you can take for a make out/pull. Although sometimes it just plain can't happen.

    Started game in 2012. Professionally coaching for 2+ years. Strong believer in good karma, if you'd like me to give you a call/skype/email for some quick tips please reach out. Happy to help. It's cool if you're weird, I am too. Just don't be super fucking weird alright? learnrealseduction . com

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    Default Re: Vacation Game

    Great report, transitioning from Kino into kissing is a big sticking point for me would you mind going into more detail about you how you accomplished this? Thanks regardless.

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