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    Default Quickest Escalation I have done.

    Wish I had a timer, because I had my escalation down to a key last night. 40 minutes from coming over to fucking, including a beer run.

    From hand holding (because she was a slow fucking walker and I wanted to get the show on) in the store, to spanking her ass in front of everyone (she said she didn't have a nice ass, I wanted to prove that wrong, I figured a ballistics test would do it), to making out in the beer aisle. At this point it was virtually on already.

    Anybody need help with getting up the escalation ladder feel free to PM me or inquire below

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    Default Re: Quickest Escalation I have done.

    That's awesome! Not trying to one up you LifeStyle but I have a good story as well. Years ago I went to a party and this Asian chick that went to my high school was there. I never talked to her in high school but as soon as I got to the party I started flirting with her. I was literally at the party for five minutes and I grabbed her hand and brought her into a dark room. She gave me a blow job and I started banging her...then the lights came on.

    I was in the keg room! I hadn't been at the party long enough to know! I brought her into the keg room and four guys walked in while both of us were buck naked! I laughed about it and they left after they got their fill. We agreed to finish things later.

    Two weeks later she came to my house. I started to make out with her and she told me she wasn't going to sleep with me. I agreed and continued on...I tried over and over and she wouldn't sleep with me. Then someone came to the back door and I told her "That's my moms boyfriend, you have to go! I'll be in big trouble if he catches you here!" I then pushed her out of the door. It was glorious.

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