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Thread: Lay Report: 2 bathroom pulls in a row and crazy sex parties...

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    Default Lay Report: 2 bathroom pulls in a row and crazy sex parties...

    lay report NYC 5/6/2016

    After bathroom pulling 1 girl at Le Bain the prior night and almost doing it a 2nd time with a different girl on the same night, I was ready to go out and game and do it again on Friday night. After meeting some of the guys at Houston Hall for the Gotham Seddit meetup, I started walking towards The Standard Biergarten for the next Inner Circle meetup.

    I saw this really hot girl walking from the across the street with a big ass and I decided to open her. I caught up to her and opened her from the front with a complimentary opener about her style. I said, “I love your style!” and she stopped walking and asked, “What is it about my style that you like?” I started walking closer in front of her and told her that I liked her ripped jeans and all the zippers she had on her jacket (she had some interesting zipper design and locations on her jacket).

    She smiled and then accepted the compliment with my justification. I then transitioned and asked her where she was going. She said that she was looking for train to go back somewhere. I told her that she shouldn’t go there but go over there instead, as I pointed in the direction The Standard Biergarten. I wanted to lead and I was going there anyway and maybe I could meet some of the guys at the other meetup, and maybe bathroom pull this girl there.

    She smiled and asked me where was “over there”. I told her, “Somewhere fun where they have drinks, music…” She asked me if that where I was going. I told her that I was going there and she should come with me instead of going to the train that was going nowhere. After a few more seconds of us going back and forth of me telling how cool this place where I was going and how boring was the place she was going, she decided to come after I said, “C’mon, let’s go.” as I start leading her by the hand and she complied because of my certainty.

    We start walking and she’s laughing and saying how she can’t believe that I just picked her off the street and she normally doesn’t do that with any guy. We continue walking and I continuously qualify her and break rapport and she laughs and gets in close and we almost kiss. I told her that the place we were going was only a few blocks away (it was about a 10 minute walk but I told her it was about 5 minutes).

    We then stopped walking for a few seconds as she said that I told her that it was only a few blocks away, so I reassured her that it’s just around the corner. I continue to break rapport with her and our faces get really close and she asks, “Are we going to kiss?” I move close to her lips and then back off and say, “Not yet…” and she gives this gasped look and smile, as I then grab her hand and continue leading her. I wanted to amp up her BT more and get her more excited later.

    We then get to a cross street and the pedestrian signal is about to turn red, so I start running with her and she follows as I lead her by the hand. She’s getting excited and we both run a couple blocks. We then are getting close to The Standard and she stops in front of another bar and says that she needs to put lip gloss on and she wants me to help her. I start putting lip gloss on her and I could feel the sexual tension rise, and I knew this would be a perfect time to kiss her once I applied the lip gloss. However, once I finished, she then just went ahead and kissed me on the lips. To release some of the tension, I break rapport by asking her, “Is some of it on me? Do I look pretty?” She laughs and says that you can’t tell.

    We then start walking to The Standard and we’re just outside on the street. I notice one of the guys from the meetup is outside and I smile and nod at him as we walk by. I was planning on taking her into the Standard Biergarten, but she said that it sounded really loud and she doesn’t like places like that. I still wanted to go in and see some of the guys from the meetup at the bar. I tell her that we could go check out another bar inside. She smiles and asks if I’m going to lead her through the crowd. I say yes, and I grab her hand and we start walking through the front outside entrance and walk through the crowd. I could tell that she was getting really turned on by me leading her.

    We walk towards the back and I see a couple guys from the meetup near the back entrance. I wanted to greet them, but didn’t want to break the momentum as I was planning on pulling my girl to the bathroom at the back of the Standard Grill now. We get to the section with the tables and we pause for a second as she takes a look around about the ambience and comments about how fancy it is. After a few seconds, I tell her that I want to show her another cool bar in the back, and start leading her through the restaurant.

    We walk towards the back of the restaurant and make our way to the restroom. She comments about the interesting wallpaper design, and I agree. We get in front of the restroom. She says, “Please tell me that these restrooms are unisex…” I should have answered yes, so I could pull her in more easily, but instead I just remained silent and I open one of the private restrooms a walk in, but she didn’t follow. I didn’t have enough certainty in my actions to pull her and it could be felt in my lack of leading at the pull.

    After taking a quick piss, I come out and she is waiting while checking her phone. I then take her to the other bar at the Living Room at The Standard and we sit at a table outside. We order drinks and I continue to qualify her. I find out that she is actually engaged and she’s in an open/polyamorous relationship with her partner and they regularly have sex parties at their house. This was extremely interesting and I definitely wanted to keep in contact with this girl and check out these parties. We make out a few times and she ends up paying the bill.

    I get a text from one of the guys from the meetup, and he tells me he’s at the Standard and asks me where I’m at. I text him back that I’m in set, and he texts me that he has a few girls for me and asks me where I’m at to come say hi. I tell him where we are. I haven’t seen him in a while and it would be fun to merge sets and just give more social proof and preselection for both of us. I meet up with him but he’s by himself. I expected him to be with the girls, but I greeted him and it was cool to see him again. I introduce him to the girl, and then my girl puts her handbag down on a nearby table next to some other guys and she talks to them for a bit while me and him talk.

    He tells me that he has some hot girls for me, and I tell him that I might Number Close this girl and meet up with him. I was considering number closing this girl because I wanted to game with him and meet some of the other guys at the meetup, but she said she wanted to go home soon and she did pre-seed the pull herself by saying she had a really nice house where she likes to have a lot of sex. I gave her a hug and told her that it was great meeting you and that we should hang out soon. She seemed bummed out that I was leaving and I told her that she should take down my number. She tells me that she’ll give me her email. I tell her that I don’t do email, and the guy from the meetup gives her crap about giving out her email too.

    We get into a frame battle of how to exchange contact info, and then he notices ring on her finger and asks her if she is married. He gives her crap for seeing other guys while she’s married, and she says that she is engaged. He gives her more crap and says that she’s fucking other guys while she’s married. She smiles and says that she might fuck me tonight and we start getting close. He tells me to kiss her, and asks her if we kissed already. Good guy, he’s trying to help me with escalation but we already kissed, and she tells him that we’ve already gone through that. I give her another kiss in front of him anyway since her BT was high and to reassure him and give us some time alone. I tell the guy to give us a minute to figure this out and I’ll meet him at the bar if anything, and he agrees and walks back to the bar. I might meet up with him and the other girls and maybe merge sets, but my main priority is to close this chick while she’s hot now.

    After talking with her for a bit more, I knew she wanted to hang out more and get another drink. I tell her that we’ll go to another bar and get a drink but I needed to go to the bathroom first. I wanted to go for a bathroom pull now before we go to the bar and wanted to use that justification. She agrees and I lead her to the restroom. I try to pull her in again, but it’s a no go and she stays outside. I take another piss and quickly come out, and lead her to the bar at The Standard Grill. We got to the bar and order a drink. I pay for the drink this time since she paid for it last time and I wanted to build more comfort. I notice that the other guy is in set with some other hot girls as well.

    I make out with my girl a couple times and she tells me how wet she’s getting and she’s going to make the barstool soaking wet. I tell her that we should go someplace else. She asks me where and asks me what I want in a sexual tone. I start talking dirty to her and tell her that I’m going to fuck her all night. She starts moaning and tells me that she’s down and that we could get a hotel or something but that it could be expensive. I tell her that I know a cheap hotel right nearby. It’s a hotel that charges hourly. I didn’t really want to spend money but if it meant that she needed a bed or somewhere more comfortable to fuck, I would do what it takes. I then tell her whey don’t we go back to her place in Brooklyn. She asks me if I really want to go to Brooklyn, and I tell her yes. She then agrees and takes out her phone to call an Uber.

    However, she recently reset her phone and doesn’t remember her password. We are near the hallway to the restroom and I embrace her from behind and she starts grinding on me and thrusting her ass on me. We do this for a bit as she’s trying to figure out her password, and she tells me that she’s getting so wet right now. I look at her eyes and make out with her for a bit and the pull her into the bathroom with no resistance. Minimal foreplay, she gets naked immediately and tells me to get naked and asks if I have a condom. I put one one on and close.

    She starts moaning a lot and making a lot of noise. I tell her to keep it down because I didn’t want us to get caught. After we finish, she gives a loud shriek of laugher about how she can’t believe how I just picked her off the street and fucked her in the bathroom. We then start hearing knocking on the door and we start getting dressed to leave. I get out first, and I notice a line of people waiting to use the bathroom. LOL. Some guy tries to get in and sees my girl is already in there, and he immediately walks out lol. Everybody knows what happened, but luckily I don’t think any staff members where there or they just didn’t say anything.

    She comes out of the bathroom and then we walk outside on the street. She tells me that she’s planning on going home and tries to figure out her password for Uber again. I tell her that I could come to Brooklyn with her. She gets excited and asks me if I really want to go. I thought about staying in Meatpacking District to game more girls and go for another close and meet up with some of the other guys, but I wanted to check out this sex party house, have more sex and build rapport with her partner to get invited to more sex parties. I tell her that she needs to figure out her password in the next 5 minutes or else I’m going to stay. She then focuses hard to remember her password, but finally gives up and says that she’ll just get a cab.

    We get in the cab and take a 30 minute ride back to her place in Brooklyn, and make out a bit along the way. She pays for the cab and walks me into her place. I see a skinny white guy wearing just boxers and another woman inside by the entrance. I get greeted by the white guy who is her fiancé. I go for a handshake, but he gives me a hug. I forgot how close everybody is in this polyamory lifestyle. I also introduce myself to other other woman, but only with a handshake.

    We go into the kitchen and talk for a bit, and her fiancee offers me wine. They are all really friendly and welcoming. It’s a pretty big place and looks like a cool party house with interesting decor and paintings and fur rugs, etc. I talk a bit with her fiancé and learn more about what he does and the polyamory culture in NYC and he tells me that they also help started the culture in New Orleans years ago and have a guest house there where they throw parties as well. He asks me how we met, and my girl tells them that we met on the street, and he becomes entertained by this.

    My girl starts getting practically naked in front of everybody, and she asks everybody to take off their shirt too. I take off my jacket and shirt and lay them down. She then asks me if we should go downstairs to the sex dungeon lol. I tell her sure. She then gives her fiancee a kiss and says that we are going downstairs and he smiles and nods. No plausible deniability needed lol.

    We get downstairs and start fucking again and do some other weird crazy shit that I haven’t done before. I was able to fuck her in the ass and she said that she hadn’t had anal since 10 years. I was really surprised because of her lifestyle. I almost made her cum through anal. She was calling me how “strong” I was and how she was giving her whole body to me. It was really interesting how much more submissive she became during anal since she says that she likes to be dominant. I leave early the next morning because I had to pickup my car from Hoboken before the meters started running again, and she tells me to come back again, and I tell her to let me know when they “hang out” again for the sex parties and she smiles and agrees.

    - Always fucking lead! Girls are extremely attracted to this and it helps with solving logistics tremendously

    - Keep the momentum going for pulling. Don’t stop to meet other people if you don’t have too as it can slow things down and lower her BT

    - Be creative when solving logistics and go for bathroom pulls when necessary. Know the layout of the venues you go to and check if they have any private bathrooms available for pulling. Sometimes you can also pull into one of the stalls of a public bathroom if it’s not too busy inside.

    - Don’t leave set to game other girls, especially if a girl is hot and horny and her BT is high and she is ready to fuck. Focus.

    - Be persistent with pulling and pull the trigger with the bathroom pull when her BT is running high. Make-out, grab her ass, grind with her, finger her outside her jeans, to amp up her BT right before the bathroom pull if you have too.
    Elevate Your Game | Check out my blog for lay reports, attraction and dancefloor game tips !

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    Default Re: Lay Report: 2 bathroom pulls in a row and crazy sex parties...

    All your lessons are on point.

    Leading and Momentum work hand in hand, If you get her to respond without second thinking. you will always succeed, so always have roll into the next part quickly.

    (hand out to shake(Kino), Smile on face(ice breaker,dissarm, defence destroyer) Hi, Im Tyrone, Whats your name?

    She gives Name. (Responds -she is getting used to giving me what I demand)

    Quick reply: I walked over her to tell you that you look amazing, Those Jeans were made for your body. (direct, establish intention, Compliment, then genuine compliment).

    She replys: (in shock because guys compliment but not genuinely/Flattery/Not sure how to receive compliment) Thank you.

    Quick reply: (pull phone out and put it close to her - Physical lead) Give me your number - Verbal lead.

    She gives number. (responds)

    I may put her name under something silly, like Anna - Amazing Jeans. (sense of humor) Call her and tell her to pull her phone out - Lead.

    She pulls it out, I save my name as something way too confident and direct "Guy with balls to approach me" (setting up for later when she see's my text or call that she can associate the Best part of the experience with me).

    Then Quickly,Again: Lean abit closer put side of cheek to her - physical lead, give it a tap - Physical lead.

    She kisses me on the cheek. (responds)(kino)

    Quickly after while she is pulling back i start saaying: Dude!! your lips are so soft and amazing, come here (Detailed Compliment/Direct/Verbal command) (Lean in abit, point to lips, same as cheek).

    We K-close by her coming the rest of the way (She responds by leaning in the rest of way, Gives me what I want,Kino, Escalation)


    Quickly after: I'm going for a (ciggerette,Drink(I dont buy girls drinks but put this here for you), see my friend - optional) Lets go. (Puts arm behind her mid/lower back to guide her or out for her to grab, grab her hand) - physical lead

    She will either respond or say: I dont smoke or Whatever.

    I say: Good(reward for good behavior) you can watch me then (with cheeky smile) - Flirting, Naughty, Intriguing. (Maintain Physical leading with arm/hand)

    We get to location. (which is now a new experience or Second time(builds comfort quicker, subconsciously aswell - better then rapport does)

    (maybe been 4-5 minutes since Approach)

    After abit of Flirting/Kissing and Kino VVVV

    I say: Usually I don't approach girls in clubs (defense destroyer, doesn't think i'm a player), But you I wanted to. (Alpha does what he wants, Makes her feel special). I hope your a fun enough person to hang out with, Are you? (qualifier)

    She responds with justification.

    I say: Prove it (with smile), lets go! (verball command)(puts arm out - physical lead which she has allready responded to).

    She grabs arm and says: Where are we going?

    I respond: Not to mine, can you relax, how keen are you? (with cheeky smile) we are just going up the road, You will know the place and love it once we walk in, and if you have never been there, we will find you new parents - with cheeky smile (Close by - comfort, You know the place - comfort, you'll love it - Comfort/Intriguing, Once we walk in - associated as we, not just her, or I but associating subconciously that we are something + Leading, If you havent been/find new parents - Qualifier for family that she cant respond to but because its associated with family it is associated with her making her feel like if she hasn't experienced it there is something wrong with her. Plus im maintaining the mystery by not telling her where we are going which is intriguing, mystery, Exciting.)

    Flirt on walk there, Put my arm around her for Kino, Stop and make out on the way or at the lights, Make her feel special with Genuine compliments and Neg her on other stuff.

    Get to Location (usually really fun like a game centre, Pancakes on the rocks, Bowling, Laser tag anywhere that 24 hours & she can buy drinks if you and she is drinking) - this step is skipped if its late and you are satisfied that you got dressed, had fun and can close, but if I go out and do this early on not being satisfied that the purpose of coming out wasn't met and just going to f-close, im in the mood to do something to satisfy that part of me which is usually the case because Its better to approach early then be the 147 jack ass to try hit on her that night. You make that judgement call depending on what you want to do.

    Have some fun, Plus some friendly competition. while flirting and kino.

    Then go outside, reestablish Kino, then I pull over a cab, open the door for her and step to the side inline with the door to create a pathway leading to the door and say "Lets go"

    She gets in due to all leading and also doesn't want to waste the cab drivers time.

    Give my address to cab driver. He starts driving

    She asked: were we going?

    Tell her: Mine (then K-close) and escalate with physical rubbing on theigh - finger bang in cab.

    Get to mine and she knows why we are there.

    (We continue this fling until I get bored/See qualities I dont like/she gets too needy, which is usually between 3 weeks & 3 months) I prefer flings because if I go out and Get laid all the time I will get exhausted and probably get a disease. Plus It works out great for them, They enjoy the honeymoon period which is the best bit of a relationship - with no complications or fighting (plus you meet there friends usually they will add you on facebook aswell). So to them they have associated you with an awesome experience(which is free marketing - girls talk). So a year later they will either contact you again or you can re-approach (by reminiscing all the good times causing her to feel them again) until you release what stopped you didn't get serious the first time. Then do it again another year later. Or Because she has told her friends about the amazing experience she has had, and you have created a bridge of contact through facebook, they may approach or you can. Plus flings have more in it then one night stands although if i get really drunk i have one night stands but because in australia we have had a lot of women accuse football players of raping them when they went back and had sex to try get fame or money and the nice place I live in, my Income and it being my word against hers, I get paranoid that this will happen, But if i create fling situation she will be less inclined to do that because she wants to continue this, and I get all that excitement from Honeymoon period.

    Always Lead and momentum.

    Knowing your surroundings is a good point you made lol: I took a girl to bathroom once, and it had a camera in a hallway so about 3 minutes in i hear BANG! BANG! BANG! 4 security guards yelling get the f out. We both got kicked out. Which I had to reject handle heaps to get her to come to mine after a massive embarrassment like that to her. Managed to come up with "wtf is wrong with them putting a camera outside the bathroom anyway, manager is probably a pervert. (which seem to point the finger at them and not us, easing the embarrassment, but the sexual tension was killed and sex was pretty Average. So i never did that again. Always take back to mine. which for small time flings which I enjoy I can engage in the morning to ensure all things are ready and established for the next time we meet. Plus my Room is heaps nice (dhv) I/we can cook breakfast (DHV/Fun). Living room is Nice, open to huge backyard, Big ass TV, Nice couches, opens to kitchen so can continue communication(DHV) (Engagement during separation) I live in a Really Nice Area (DHV). Clean house (DHV) clean the breakfast dishes (DHV) SHirt is usually off in morning because of last night and appropiate to put atleast pants on in morning if walking around house but still able to project my comfort ability in my house which is Alpha and show her my physical Qualities that is just a bonus, that she couldn't fully appreciate with her eyes the night before.

    Never leave your set is very important but I dont think anyone would leave there set, not for long enough to gamed anyway. Just go bathroom quick smart then come back. Any other time is an opportunity to lead like get drinks, ciggy, which is far more productive then leaving set.

    Pull the trigger also very important: alot of threads lately of guys realizing a girl is into him after its too late, AFC shit, not making the move/escalation in time, and by the time they realize it is way to late. Her attraction for you is lost because you didn't be a man. Then they join this forum and we tell them the hard truth so they can learn and not make the same mistake, and help them get that girl.

    Great work
    Men, we need to value our time more then we value women. This isn't to say women are not valuable. But who are we to believe in something so illogical, as men we should realize that without our time(life), we would not even be able to pursue women, but only our mother who gave us life. Why do we think we should prioritize them over our time(life) unless she is the one who gives me/my children life. Man is Sovereignty.

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    Default Re: Lay Report: 2 bathroom pulls in a row and crazy sex parties...

    Quote Originally Posted by WillEdward View Post

    She smiled and asked me where was “over there”. I told her, “Somewhere fun where they have drinks, music…” She asked me if that where I was going. I told her that I was going there and she should come with me instead of going to the train that was going nowhere. After a few more seconds of us going back and forth of me telling how cool this place where I was going and how boring was the place she was going, she decided to come after I said, “C’mon, let’s go.” as I start leading her by the hand and she complied because of my certainty.
    This was the key. I believe in here you two were sharing strong eye contact and you kept it. That was what turned her on. That was what so few man can do. That's what you did great. Strong inner game, strong character. Congratulations WillEdward, you were gold

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