lay report: Hot Blonde Russian

So here I'm back again to boast about another notch in the bed-post. This girl is among some of the cutest females that I've slept with so far and it almost didn't even happen.

I actually met this girl on a week-night, I believe it was a Tuesday and she didn't want to come with me in the beginning. If I had this on video it would have looked like I was losing her in the beginning. Nevertheless I chose to remain persistent and it certainly paid off.

There were 2 girls initially - a blonde and a brunette. I approached the blonde and I asked if she knew of any good spots around the area that were good to go on a Tuesday night. She didn't, so I transitioned into asking where she was from.

When I could tell that she was relaively comfortable around me, I asked if she wanted to go get a drink. She said no, but I proceeded further with, "Come on, there is a bar right around the corner and it's a cool place." She paused for a second and then said, "Okay."

Her friend ended up leaving to catch her bus at Port Authority and I was left with the hot Russian. We went into an Irish Bar I know of and I told her that there are hooks under the bar where we can hang our jackets. She took her jacket off and asked me where the hooks were. I grabbed her hand and guided it to the hook.

After discussing what we both were doing earlier, I gradually began closing the distance between us. At one point we were probably talking at 3 inches away. I remember us coming to a silence and me looking at her with a half smile on my face. She smiled back with a tremendously beautiful smile and I went in to kiss her. I made out with her for probably a good 2 minutes before looking up at the T.V. above the bar to watch a hockey game.

After a good moment, I told her that I wanted to go to a better place close by that was more quiet and played good music. I asked if she could get the next drink also, she agreed to both leaving and getting the next drink.

When we got there, I ordered a drink for both of us and she paid like she said. I like to get them doing things for me, because I feel like the more they invest, then the more they'll feel that I am deserving of them. To understand more about this, Google "The foot-in-the-door technique".

So we kissed and talked about who we were and what we valued. I asked her about her family and she asked me about mine. I guess her dad was some hot-shot that worked for a record label and she was going to school in upstate New York.

When I finished my drink, I suggested we go back to my place and chill. I told her we could put on a movie and sip some whine. We were having such a good time talking and making out in between that she didn't really put up much of an argument.

We made out in the cab on the way back to my place. As soon as we got back, she was taking off her clothes and she was on top of me. I really had a great time hooking up with her, she was super cute and sexy at the same time.

I didn't eat breakfast with this girl like I normally do, but we did hang out a few times after. She eventually went back to upstate and hits me up occasionally when she is in the city.

All in all it was big win... it's always a nice feeling when you finish seducing a really hot girl. It's like a drug and you just want to keep climbing to new heights.

So there you all have it! Thanks for reading, hope my experience was helpful and I look forward to seeing what you all have to say.

-PUA Redsky