So I go to a community college here in NYC.. And I day game every day there when I have breaks and so on... So I'm on break and I see this HB leaning on the wall. So what do you think I do? I act on my desire . I'm a direct gamer it suits me best cause of my looks... So I go in to the set. Do the whole routine the qualifying is working and everything is going as usual . The rapport was more then the stack. I get the Instant Date. We have a coffee shop in the college. I talk more then kino by touching her leg stating she has nice quads. More kink then the 2 step back method. Then I use the tiger eye silence.. Then sat next to her then kissed her. Then said come with me LEADING my hand out so she holds it. I know this private bathroom on campus a gender Neutral. So I have the bathroom pull I locked the top and bottom and then finished the bathroom pull . FB material and happy to join the site