What’s Up Guys,

First off, shoutout to the NYC wings who made it out last night…great time, beautiful people, looking forward to meeting up again soon.

Here’s my Post Lay Report / Notes from last nights erotic escapades…

On the way over to meet some wings, I warmed up with 3 random sets to get myself in a social / fun / high energy state. I ALWAYS try and do this…I don’t care if it’s a 3-set of HB2’s, open em’, chit-chat / banter, leave them happier than they were previously and carry on. This helps get rid of any anxiety you could possibly have.

Arrived at the bar around 10pm, met up with the wings, introductions, chit-chat, etc. and opened up a 3-set of HB7’s…2 minutes or so of random talk, tried to escalate kino, they weren’t having it, blown out, politely excused myself from the convo and moved on. In hindsight, I probably should have just taken a wing to take care of 2 or the 3 girls so I could 1 on 1 with my target… Whatever, no harm no foul.

Continued to open up a few more sets until I met my girl for the night, HB8, blonde, Polish, very “smart”. I built up some rapport early in the conversation, pushed / pulled and rewarded her when she was trying to impress me with her life goals, work, etc etc.

Side Note - Remember how I warmed up earlier? This allowed me and gave me tons of confidence to come into the bar and initial sets ALREADY high energy. If I got blown out, f**k it, they’re missing out.

After we established a connection and she trusted my intentions, I escalated based on her body language and conversation. Excerpt convo example:

Me : I noticed you have a few piercings…what’s the next one you want?
HB : I want to get my nipples pierced next

This I took as a light “shit-test”…an AFC response would have been something along the lines of “OMFG no way, that’s soooo sexy, let’s go do it now…blah blah blah”. One of the best responses you can have to this, which I used and admittedly steal from Style is “respect”. Carrying on..

After she finished her drinks I we bounced over to a bar nearby to meet up with one of her friends and I happened to know her friend's BF. On the way over we stopped for a smoke, we moved to a more secluded area where I had her put my number in my phone. I used the mystery kiss close:

Me : Do you want to kiss me right now?"
HB : Maybe
Me : Let's find out...K-close

Good time at the next bar, another drink, escalated kino - pulled her hair, etc etc. Here’s another “shit test” / compliance test I ran into and f**king NAILED:

HB : Hey I need to go to the restroom quick, can you hold me drink
Me : Ugghh fine, but you have to do a little dance for me first…
HB : (twerks on me for about 5 seconds, sexy spin and bounces)

After this I sensed to resistance from her wanting to come back to my place nearby, ASD at it’s finest…SO here’s how it went down

HB : OMG I’m soo tired, I either need sleep or more caffeine
Me : Cool, do you want to grab a drink at a bar in (neighborhood) or back at my place?
HB : Let’s go back to your place, but JUST for a drink, then I’m going home…

Ok, I got through one obstacle by getting her back to my place…notice how I didn’t give her the option to say “Yes” or “No” by asking her, “do you want to go back to my place?”…instead I gave her the choice to choose between another bar or my place…easy.

We get back to my place, I throw on some music and make two drinks and grab two waters…we take it back to my room and start making out, pulling hair etc etc…as always, she puts up her ASD immediately. 2 steps forward, 1 step back fellas!

HB : We really shouldn’t be doing this
Me : Yeah, you’re right, we shouldn’t be

Turn the lights on, change the mood of the music, check my phone / texts / etc…what happens next? HB get’s “worried” she missed her chance, jumps me, and F-Close #1 at around 2AM. F-Close #2 at around 6AM after she wakes me up before her work. We go to get coffee and a bagel and then she decides she’ll be late to work and F-Close #3 at around 9AM.

All in all a great night and looking forward to meeting up with more wings soon!

Notes / Recap:

  • WARM UP before heading out to your first spot…it’ll work wonders
  • LMR / ASD is part of the game, learn to overcome it, remain confident and don’t let your “other head” do the talking. I'm happy to chat with you guys more on how to overcome it, it's one of the things I'm best at and it's rarely an issue (hate to sound egocentric...sorry)
  • Don’t be afraid to lose her over escalated KINO - “She’ll forgive you for being a man, but not for being a pussy…”
  • Be smart with your questions / suggestions…don’t set yourself up to get a “no” response, it’s all psychological.

Ok, guys, I’m tired AF and going down for a much needed nap, hope you enjoy and if I missed anything you want me to go in detail about, let me know / comment.

- Shoreguy