Alright, so I went to this club on Tuesday night and met HB9. I approached her the moment I walked in the venue by telling her she looked just like one of the actresses from fast and the furious (she is much hotter though) she was also by herself at the moment so we had a quick convo introduced myself and eventually parted ways telling her I had to go back with my friends. I had put in a solid first impression and now I was just waiting to run into her again which I did. I ran into her at the dancefloor while watching a performance from that evenings talent. I didnt give her much attention but I managed to Number Close. I ended up texting her the next day and didnt get a response (I know is the correct number because it matches her facebook profile) I'm planning on contacting her again. Should I call or text again? Any input on how I should handle her? Thanks guys!