Did something really stupid. Got super hammered before I went out to save money. Drank about 6 beers in an hour and half. Having a little TOO much fun. Lost my keys. Ruined my night unable to approach. Had to run back to my hotel and crashed early. Had to get my spare keys in the morning.

This the third time my car situation has ruined potential relationships. Saw a PERFECT 2 set. Girl had great T.ts but I had to bail. I couldn't approach with the bad mojo as far as no keys. Running around backwards trying to find them so my inner game was shot. Leaving my keys in my hotel room next time since I don't drink and drive no more.

just sucks I could have opened that set if the night had been going well. Realized I was too drunk and I should maybe wait. These chicks walked in looking sober. Maybe I should wait to open a few sets before drinking. Seems like if I have too much alcohol I don't want to approach. And the 2 set knew I was up to something since they walked away from me on purpose.

Next time I need to do better and recover from this big time!!!