Hi guys,

Honing my skills on dating apps, I can now quite easily take phone numbers within these apps.

My real struggle is live game. This weekend I went out of my comfort zone and these were my 3 experiences asking phone numbers. I would love to hear your feedbacks and suggestions.

1) I bought my Japan Rail pass in an agency in Paris, and the girl who opened the door and welcomed me was really pretty (8-9). Very French, elegant, hidden smile, soft voice, but very young: 22... Her colleagues were behind a wall and we were in the 6m² entrance, "isolated". She was a bit shy as well, I could tell from her voice and body language. I asked questions about the rail pass and she replied, nothing interesting. While paying I started asking personal questions: are you intern here? - Yes, I started in July - Why here? Studying japanese as a bachelor student... Not a lot of connection though. I took my pass, said bye and left. 3 days later, as the agency is close to where I work, I said to myself I would go back only to ask for her number. I rang, she opened (fortunately!), said hi, but could show my intentions, was too scared :/ I faked questions about the trains in Japan. Finally I could make some jokes, create a connection, and after 10 minutes said I was pretty busy and asked her number "in case I have trouble" with my trains. She gave it on the train map, I asked her name, she flushed and said 'Lucie'. I could leave happy.

2) Saturday, in a museum with a friend, we took a break on the walkway outside with the view of Paris. I saw a girl smoking, asked her a cigarette, said she had none, she was just having a break because she was working upstairs as a waitress of the posh restaurant on the roof. We started talking, she was the litterary kind and was fond of Sartre, which I used to devour. She said she had to go back, and said the view was incredible up there, which I took for an invitation. Asked her to come to see it, went upstairs, invited me to watch the view but discretely, since clients pay a lot to be there, there's no one here just for the view. Then I went back to the reception desk where she and her colleagues were. She said the view was beautiful, like the staff, which I took for an invitation to neg. I said 'yeah their ego is also way above average' - they laughed. Asked when she generally finished - late, around 12pm - Ok, I have to go but if I'm in the neighborhood would be great to hang out, do you have a number? - Ok, took my phone and entered it. I waived goodbye and left.

3) Saturday night, in an open air club - Nüba for those who want a great place to sarge - opened a 3-set, two girls one guy, around 23 y-o. I asked for a cigarette and I would pay with a joke. The guy said he had only two left (showed me his cigarette pack), but a girl said 'You can have a puff', giving me her cigarette. I said okay, you'll only have half a joke then. I went on with a very bad joke, which apparently makes people laugh (tested it a couple of times). The guy hugged the girls saying 'don't look at that man', then we laughed, and they started saying bad jokes, racist, jewish jokes, but it was fun. The pretty girl (8) said a very bad joke, with 3 sentences (our maximum was 2), and we laughed at her, which was good to show disinterest. Then I asked how they knew each other, the guy and the girl in the middle were together, and the other girl (the pretty one) was the friend of the girl. I used the parisian neg saying asking where they lived - Vincennes - oh that's why you look posh. The girl said to her boyfriend "did you hear what he said?" but then we agreed with her boyfriend and he took me as a friend. They left then, and I targeted the single girl, saying "it would be nice to hang out if you come back in this bar..." but even if she was looking at me she was leaving with her friends so I said bye. 1 hour later, I went in the front of the dancefloor, near the dj, taking a snapchat, enjoying my life, and saw the guy. Said hi, and saw the 2 girls behind. She saw me and raise her hand for a soft high five, which I took for an ioi and tried to squeeze her hand quickly when doing it, but it lasted one second maximum. Then my friend was leaving and I said to him, go, I ask her number and I'm out. I went in front of the guy to make my way around and finally be next to the girl. I said I'm done, I'm going, she said why, I said can I take your number if we do another Nüba together, she took my phone and wrote her number. I remember the face of the guys behind her looking at me like "how's he doing it". Made my night

The story is not finished, what went on with the numbers:
1) WhatsApp:
Me: Hello Lucie - *Chopin* who bought the JR pass - I have to be honest, I took your number because I liked your style. But I was a bit disappointed you didn't know the schedule of the shinkansen in Hokkaido

Her: Hi *Chopin* I had understood

Me: You understand quickly
Me: You're doing your 3-year internship at JTB?

Her: 4th year?
Her: *!

Me: Tough
Me: I thought in 4th year one would do something else than welcoming clients

Her: I'm doing other things I'm doing [useless stuff] There are one or two clients a day.

Me: That's why you remember me

Her: Not only... You're a very nice guy. We have certainly many things in common. But to avoid misunderstandings. I have a boyfriend. And maybe I shouldn't have given you my number...

Me: Ah
Me: I'm sorry
Me: You'll have to dump your boyfriend then

Her: Haha..
Her: No I'm sorry
Her: I'm very flattered. I had a moment of madness and I regret now

Me: "Madness" ?
Me: At your age you shouldn't have a too rigid moral

Her: Yes I have
Her: So I wish you to be brave with the shinkansen and a nice trip to Japan (lucky guy)

Me: Thanks Take care

2) and 3) added the numbers on WhatsApp and both pictures are males! First time I am given fake numbers. Of course because I never asked before