I'm working at this job 3-4 days a month for side money. Anyways, my last shift was with this HB10, and I obviously started hitting on her. We had nicknames for each other really fast and was flirting using office equipment throughout the day. I ended up going out for a drink with her and her sister and a few friends after. Things were looking good, I didn't stay over because I just met her and we work together, so I was deciding to build up to it. She left me her sweater to keep me warm at the night time as it was a tad chilly. I kissed her on the cheek and told her to rest early.

I really like her, I have her # and I have been texting her. I went for the assertive lets grab a bite and drinks at this date and time and her response was that she was away to visit family. Which I believed since she just moved out. How should I approach her a second time for a better success rate?

any other interesting first date ideas I can throw in there?