The hardest part I would say the hardest part is "finding" a gorgeous girl to talk to. Doing Pick Up for years my standards have escalated abnormally high. In so doing I only talk to women I'm attracted to which is for me a challenge to find and possibly one of my greatest struggles approaching. Use to approach everything now I only approach when I want something.

Go to great lengths at finding a good target so I always find it funny a weekend out at the bars trying to sarge like last weekend when all the chicks were flat, ugly, or fat makes for no game.

So I love it that the calculated efforts sometimes are foiled.

I remember one time reading a pick up artist was someone who didn't just "cold approach" women yeah that was part of it but also the big part was approaching women anywhere you happen upon them.

Just so happens I ran into this gorgeous girl at a grocery store. But she said "excuse me" and wasn't ANYWHERE near me. I took it playfully and immediately started thinking about her foooooor real.

So I casually and non-challantaly followed Her out on purpose and waited for her to leave.

And approached poof. Been forever and I felt like a b!tch but soon my feelings flew away when she meet much me with such determination. Bug eyed, smiling like crazy. She asked me for my business card I knew this meant phone number exchange.

I got her phone number like nobody's business almost too easy because she instigated. Probably won't last but dang she is hot as all get out and to have a woman that into you on a authentic opener makes you wonder what you can do. Gonna text her tomorrow to see if she is with me.