I met this lady awhile back and have to say that it was quite the experience. I managed to scoop her up with one of My Russian friends and it was a pleasant time for the most part.

She had a friend with her, that was a little more curvy, but she was a little older. I do appreciate curvy women, but I had already kissed the target I was talking with in front of the curvier friend. I've learned from prior experiences that changing your mind mid-sarge doesn't always work out that well - at least with most American girls.

We initially met at a bar right in the smack-dab middle of Times square that I like to go every so often. I was the first to suggest going somewhere else; I like to change venues frequently to build comfort.

At first they were hesitant, but then I introduced them to my friend and thankfully he didn't behave like a creep. He was very polite and respectful, so they decided to go with us.

We went to a pool hall in Korea town that I am a regular at - I actually have the owner of the place friended on Facebook. Most of the time they treat me well and when I bring girls, they always treat me well.

So I introduced the two of the girls to the security at this place - I guess I can say he is somewhat of an acquaintance. The friend of my target seemed to take a liking to him. That was nice, because it eliminated a chance of me getting cockblocked.

We had a few drinks, played some pool and they took a few smoke-breaks in the smoking area out in the back. The girl I was talking with told me how she and her friend were both recently divorced with no kids. I remember talking with someone at some point who had told me that recent divorcees are usually on the prowl. In this circumstance that was definitely the case. She also told me how they were both Lawyers - which was kind of cool I guess.

So since she had already qualified herself to me by telling me she was a lawyer, I decided to get her qualifying even more. I did so by asking her if she found me attractive - which led to a yes. We made out a bit and I pulled her close to me so that we were able to get more physical. She wasn't from New York, I believe they were from somewhere in the midwest - I believe it was Arkansas.

My wingman was left in the dust, unfortunately his target was more into the security guard. I felt bad for him, but I know very well that sometimes nights just turn out that way - you just gotta roll with the punches.

So we stayed at the pool hall til closing, I went home with my girl and the security went home with the other. It was a pretty easy escalation, we made out in the taxi on the way home. Once we got back to my place she took off her clothes and I took off mine. We were both very turned on by each other and just went to town.

Afterwards, she left on her own and got a cab back to her hotel. She didn't ask for me to walk her to the corner to grab a cab or anything - which was a relief. It was a very cordial goodbye and I passed out shortly after she left. I never even bothered to grab her phone number as well.

She was pretty attractive, but I don't see myself taking a vacation to Arkansas anytime soon. Especially considering there are plenty of women right here in the city.

So that was a recent lay, hope everyone enjoyed reading this. Feel free to leave your own opinions, thoughts, experiences or feedback and thank again for reading!

-PUA Redsky