Summary: 3 kisses in day game, 2 kisses in a club, no sex, a lot of fun!

Issues I met:
- language barrier: almost no girl I met spoke English. I knew 4 sentences in Japanese and fortunately had Google Translate offline on my iPhone
- erection when talking with girls: especially when suggesting the attraction/sexual cues

Advantages I had:
- western looking (they find us handsome)
- from France (they love France)
- Japanese men are generally shy
- travelling all around Japan, more than most of what Japanese have done in their life

1) Sapporo - the beginning of my trip, so a bit shy for daygame. I saw a HB9 in the gallery and I said to myself I would regret not talking to her. She was on high heels (bit taller than me), very posh style, great-looking face. I came to ask if she knew good restaurants around but she was not very responsive. I insisted, I finally made her smile and typed on Google Translate "you have a charming smile". Now she stares at me with sparkles in her eyes widely smiling, I hand her my phone with Google Translate with japanese keyboard so that she could reply. She replies thanks. And this is on!
She stops typing on her phone and is now fully in the discussion, waits for my response on Google Translate. I ask to see her tomorrow but she is busy and says that she would like to have coffee and smoke (at this moment I was smoking and in Japan you can smoke in cafés). So I find through Apple Map the closest café and we're there, the two of us at a table. I sit next to her. Seems unreal, being in a coffee with the cutest Japanese I've seen and she seems to enjoy it.
I ask why such a beautiful girl is single and she says she has a boyfriend - she shows him to me on her screensaver. I change the subject quickly and make her laugh.
I start kino and she responds so well I begin to wet. I take her hand, she takes mine, we laugh, great eye contact. We take a selfie before she has to go home at her sister's. I'm too fu*!?;= hard to think straight and don't do anything. I take her LINE (the Japanese WhatsApp) and plan to maybe see eachother this night. But we don't. She sends me a picture of herself in Kimono with the comment "it's my cutest picture <3". We send "love" messages and nothing else happened (she goes back home the next day and I travel somewhere else).

Comment: I was clearly shy, had no goal (kissclose), mainly because it was my first real daygame. But it gave me confidence for the next ones.

2) In Sapporo back 2 days later, just for a party at night where I meet people from the guest house. After 4 beers I chat any girl in the street and it's fun (I'm not tactless when I'm drunk). We convince two girls, 20 and 21, to come with us in the best club in Sapporo (40$ entrance fee). I kino my target, but she goes back to often to her friend, and I finally let them to start my party.
I chat many people, women and men, always with Google Translate. I make "friends" which is very nice because when the guys from the guest house went home I could still chat with these "friends" and have fun.
I dance very close to a Japanese and finally kiss her. 1 hour later I'm kissing another one. A lot of fun, especially chatting girls up with Google Translate

3) Kyoto - met a French man in the train from Tokyo and visiting the city with him. HB5 girls cross the same crosswalk and I ask the same "do you know good sashimi restaurants here?". We chat a bit and they start following us. My friend is not the best PuA I've seen, but he's playing his game too.
They follow us at a restaurant, and then go to the chocolate shop they initially wanted to go. Then I ask my target "Would you like to kiss me?" - "Not sure" - then I kiss her, in the shop. I get fuc*!$£ hard it becomes very annoying. But we don't want to have them all day long so we drop them.

Comment: my goal in mind (kissclose), it felt very easy to work through my seduction strategy since I knew where I was going. Still felt unreal since it was my first kissclose since I read PuA material.

4) Naoshima - this place is special, many pieces of art are scattered across the island. I take a bus to the Chichu museum and a girl alone sits in the bus behind me (we're the only one since the bus leaves in 10 minutes). I engage her, asks whether she knows if the bus is really going the museum, and then discovered she was travelling by herself. She was quite pretty HB7.
People started coming in the bus and I asked if I could sit next to her - she said yes. Then we arrived at the museum, we started discovering what was inside. The museum is incredible, an amazing experience.
When in the Monet room, I took her by the waist and said something like "you should look at the paintings from here". Great kino Then at a moment where we were only two, I kissed her. Haha it becomes very easy when you show confidence. Again, no English, only Google Translate

5) Tokyo - saw a girl across the street, smoking, so I joined her and asked for a lighter. Then we started discussing and I asked if she wanted to see the Kirby café with me. She said yes, she was studying inside a coffee nearby and we went inside the café, took her stuff and left to the café. I suggested to carry her bag (quite heavy with her laptop in it).
We went to the café, created connection, some kino. But no nice spot for kissing. I told her I wanted to kiss her, and asked if she wanted to kiss me. She said no with a big smile of embarrassment. She asked if I kissed girls this way in France, I replied only beautiful girls - chuckle from her.
Leaving her outside, I managed to kiss her, but she was quite shy and it did not go further. As a caveat, she's not from Tokyo but from Nagoya. People from Tokyo are not that shy, especially beautiful girls.

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