hey guys, just wanted to share some insight on my recent game with a girl.

I met this girl about a month ago. She is definitely a shy girl. but I've been workin on it for a bit. We live 2 hours away from each other and we see each other whenever we get together with a group of mutual friends.

- it's a 50/50 initiation of texts, not to mention when she initiates, it's random question (like whose - wedding did I attend because she had another friend at another wedding).
- texting is not everyday .. maybe exchange of 6 - 8 (total) for 2-4 times a week.
she made me cupcakes to drive her to work one day. (she could have asked anyone else)
- she giggles and laughs at everything I say, occasionally touches me.
- We were at a party and I walked in with her, and she was with me. I greeted a few friends and she hung around, observed my conversation and kept an eye on me.. and pretended to look away a few times
- she texts me sh1t tests often ... when she gets hurts or does something embarassing, she'll let me know. i usually say "this is why I don't walk in public with you :P"
- when she knows Im going to be somewhere she is going to be as well, she usually messages me to be with her. Or she will come find me..

I officially asked her out with confidence .. "saturday! my friend hooked me up with show tickets. let's go" ... her response was .. "im working!! "
usually its bad if they pick work over you. but I don't know.

Whats next? Am i reading the signs right? or is she simply an attention wh0re??