I'm writing this field report because, even though I kiss closed, I feel like i didn't push it as far as i could've. Need feedback and advice if I can salvage it.

Some background first:

Been unsuccessfully single a year now, and just started to invest in developing my game. Aside from a little situation with my buddy's ex (I'll post on that another time) this was my first pickup that remotely resembled success.

This pick up was done without using any formal routines, and honestly was probably pretty bad form from a PUA standpoint.

Now for the main event:

Couple of months ago, I move into this nice apartment complex. In it is a market, and in that market is an HB 8.5/9. She's young (turns out 19, which makes her 10 years younger than me.)

I joke and flirt with her over the course of a couple weeks, by which point she is definitely giving me IOIs.

But like a typical AFC I can't pull the trigger.

Finally, a little buzzed and after the prodding of a female friend (she told me to quit being a pussy), I go back into the market after just having bought from her and the following occurred:

Me: Hey come back here a second HB9.
HB9: Whats up?
Me: Actually, I don't need anymore alch (we were making mixed drinks for the pool.)
Me: What I want is your number.
HB9: The thing is I have a boyfriend
Me: Really you have a boyfriend?
HB9: Well I guess he's kinda my boyfriend. Yeah I mean we are dating I guess.
Me: Ok well in that case let me give you my number so if you want to hang you can hit me up.
HB9: Ok
Me: But I'm taking out my phone because your still gonna give your number.
HB9: giggles ok (types in her number)
HB9: I still don't even know your name.
Me: Ill text it to you.

We text back an forth a bit mostly joking around.

I try to set a date and she says her boyfriend is in town visiting from her home townn (she just moved here a couple of months ago.)

She flakes once after her boyfriend leaves, and say she was stuck at a baby shower. We set a date up for a couple days later.

Pick her up to go to a roof top restaurant bar on the beach, but on the way find out she's 19.

Have dinner, realizes we have almost nothing in common, but play the cocky funny teasing personality and she seems to have a great time. I joke about how I'm basically obligated to show her around since she new here.

Take her back to her place, and I tell her I'll walk her up to her place.

She asks if i want to come inside, I say yeah but only for a few minutes because I have an early work meeting.

We play with her pet bunny and I never escalate the physicality (never felt there was a viable opportunity.)

I put the bunny back in its cage. Turn to her and say I got to get going.

I walk up, give her a hug, lock eyes... and start making out.

Then, like the AFC I am, I follow through on leaving.

Next morning I get the LJBF text. I text back "I never overthink things and was planning on keeping it friendly." Make a few jokes... then that's it.

I then try to freeze her out, and its been 3 weeks.

Aside from a quick text to see if she wants to come kick it at the pool with me and a few friends (she was working) and one to ask if she had a crazy labor day weekend like she had planned (she hadn't), there 's been almost no communication.

Couple of days ago I walk into the market with a new female friend I'm trying to close (I'll post about that later also) and its during her shift. We joke a bit and she asks what we are up to tonight? More small talk... Leave.

Do I have any moves to make here?

Help me be better...