Walking down an avenue heading to class I see a short, curly hair brunette with blonde streaks HB8. I saw her flip her hair which made it easier than normal as I convinced myself this was an ioi, for me to switch into smooth.

Me: you look like you have an eye for Holloween costumes let me get your opinion on something.

Her: smiles. Sure.

Me: my friends and I have been deciding what would be a cool Holloween custome this year what is your suggestion?

Her: well what have you worn before?

Me: (name some costumes)

Her: maybe you can express your costume as a metaphor of something. Maybe you can represent an image of what the red hot chili peppers would appear to be as a costume.

Me: awesome. I love your thought process to suggest that. Are you into music or heavy into anything artistic?

Her: yea I'm a musician. And it's all my music it's all original. I'm actually working on a project now and I'm only here until tomorrow visiting from L.A.

Me: I've always felt a connection to music as I've been writing since elementary school. I'm actually on my way to class now running on good timing. Maybe we can continue this conversation. How do you think we can do that?

Her: sure lets keep in touch. I will be coming to NYC often. What's your name?

Me: (name) as I'm passing her my phone-which is open to the contact location of my phone

Her: (as she's putting her number in my phone) do you always approach random strangers like this?

Me: sometimes if I'm really curious about something.

Her: (passes me my phone) nice to meet you. (Then she scrunches her shoulders together, lifts them as it appears she is getting ready to do a shoulder rotation and makes this squeak noise like an excited chipmunk)

Me: nice to meet you (hand shake and walk away)