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    Default Tinder date - SUCCESS, but she soesn't want to do another one...


    I've brought this amazing girl from Tinder on a date last Thursday. She's a 8+, beautiful, slim, elegant, and a bit shy.
    I brought her to the place where I usually score: a bar with subdued lights, sofas, great cocktails, and intimacy.
    We took 2 cocktails, we laughed a lot, I managed to overcome her initial shyness and in the end she was very open and smiling often.

    I kissed her twice in the bar, the first one was short (5 seconds), the second was longer (20 seconds).

    We split the bill - so we paid 24 each - and outside we walked back to the subway. There we kissed. Then she insisted on walking me to my tube station as she was taking a cab. There she kissed me, we said bye. Great date (as of now my best date).

    The day after I sent a message in the evening - very weak one I realized afterwards - saying I liked yesterday, it was great, hoped she liked too, said I wanted to see her again, and said I would call her on Saturday. No reply. On Saturday I call. No reply. She calls me back 2 min after, and the discussion was weird, she was back in her hometown for the weekend and was pretty busy so the discussion was like "okay, so... Are you free next week? - Don't know yet, I call you on Sunday or Monday"
    On Monday evening I receive a message saying "sorry, didn't have time to reply. I liked the date but am not sure if I want to do another one. I didn't have any special feeling... But it was cool to meet you I wish you a good week! Cheers"

    I didn't reply anything yet.
    Any comment? Advice if I want to see her again?
    Don't think twice it's alright

    If you're in Paris, pm me

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    Default Re: Tinder date - SUCCESS, but she soesn't want to do another one...

    Clearly you should not text or call for a week.

    Mystery Method says that she's having buyers remorse now. Which you could have avoided by banging her the same night.

    So she's gonna go home reconnect with her good girl memories, and forget all about being slut.

    So hopefully you've laid down some comfort? You and her have common interests or some sort of basis for you rapport?

    So in a week you send her a text invitation to something that really shows you "get" her.


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