Ok well this girl i had actually tried a different idea than most cause she had guys jockin all over her nuts. Well i was being fun, building sexual Tension and all that. So i have been at it for about 2 weeks or so and then tonight she couldnt handle it and when i hugged her good night and i lightly tickled her lower back, it drove her crazy and she initiated the kiss close but for some reason now she is shutting down. She said "i dont know what to do with you." i just replied trying to be upbeat and playful "oh gorgeous brown eyes how dont you know what to do with me" and then she replied "the same way you dont know what to do with me" I have seen so many ioi's. Like guys are always following her around so i give her lots of attention when she is near me but i never follow her like the rest of the AFC's and u guys already know what happens. She keeps coming back to hug me from behind, rub my back, kiss my neck and all that. So i know i have her chasing me and feelin me but why would she be shutting down here. The kiss was normal, started with a peck and moved into some sensual make out. Well idk and i have another one i need help on