Hey guys,

I managed to get myself a nice girl from Toronto awhile back and I have to say she was so chill and fun. She stayed for a couple of months and we were hooking up until she left. She was cute and pretty good in bed - she also is a professional but I won't get into what she does for her own privacy.

Anyway it started out pretty casual... I was at this local speak-easy that I play pool at and she was friends with some people that also hang out there that I happen to know. I guess you can say we were somewhat in the same social circle; even though she was only temporarily living here.

I started out going up to her because she was standing by the pool table where I was playing a game with someone. I asked her name and where she was from. She told me she was in the city for a few months from Toronto.

Apparently she was wanting to play a game but was unsure who was playing next. I went to find out by looking at the board. I could tell there was no way she was going to get a game before the place closed but I signed her up anyway.

She asked me how I knew everyone and I answered that we were all passionate pool players. She told me she was a pool player too - which was a commonality that probably helped a little bit.

I remember she had a female friend with her that she was having a conversation with. I still came back in between shots to chat her up ever so often - despite her friend being there. Eventually her friend left so her and I were left standing next to each other. This happened around the time that I ended up losing my game by scratching on the 8-ball (It happens); so I was able to focus mainly on her after that.

I could tell she was attracted to me considering she wanted to stay and watch me play while her friend went back to join the group. She told me that she was actually a pretty decent pool player as well. I also pretended like I didn't hear her at one point and put my face close to hers to have her repeat herself - I managed to sneak in a kiss. When I gave her the kiss she smiled.

Following that we hung out the rest of the night and made out here and there. I tried to suggest getting out of there, but she told me that she couldn't leave her friends. So I settled for getting her number instead. When I realized she was definitely not going to leave with me I decided to kiss her one more time and said goodbye.

I was reluctant to text her the next day, but did so anyway. To my luck I got her to come out and we met up in Times Square - like I usually do.

After that we went bar-hopping and I took her to this little whiskey bar I like to go that plays Frank Sinatra. After that I took her to a rooftop bar that sometimes is closed off for private parties; luckily it wasn't then.

We enjoyed our time at the rooftop because it has a nice view of the Manhattan sky line. She told me about how Montreal was ran by the Hell's Angels and few other interesting things about where she was from. Part of my game is to get girls telling me stories - I know every girl has a few interesting stories in them.

When we started running out of things to talk about I thought a change of scenery would be nice - so I took her to a dive bar I go for playing pool. When I got there I knew one of the bartenders and she gave us a round of free drinks. I guess this was kind of a dhv - not that I really needed it.

Finally when we finished our drinks at the final spot I suggested going back to her place to watch a movie. I have gotten in the habit of trying to go back to girl's places these days because it is less complicated; I can leave whenever I want without any hassle.

I knew she was feeling good and The Vibe was good. We were having a good time so I nonchalantly threw out this suggestion and it usually works in this case - which it did.

So we went back to her place in Midtown East. It was also conveniently located next to my gym; where I went after haha. Right when we got inside I started making out with her some more. I lifted her up and placed her on the bed. I then undressed her and myself and we got to business with no LMR at all.

I ended up seeing her the whole time until she left. We went out to eat on a few occasions but mostly just used each other for sex.

It was a nice success! Looking back I am glad I texted her the next day because if I waited too long, then I might have missed the opportunity.

Well thanks everyone for reading, that's my latest lay. Go ahead and share your thoughts or feedback. Hope I was able to inspire or help some of you and keep going out!

-PUA Redsky