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    Default Lay Report: Russian Bartender

    Hey everyone,

    So I had been hanging out at this bar for a little while on my days off before I took my 2nd trip to Japan. I had already had some success by making out with one of the Eastern European girls that works there in the past - so I decided to pay it a little more attention.

    A young new girl started working there and I could tell she had some interest in me. She was always showing me a significant amount of attention so I figured I would ask her to hang out after she got off one day. Unfortunately a bouncer that liked her ended up talking crap about me after I went out to meet a friend - she told me this later on after we hooked up. So when I came back she changed her mind that night.

    Luckily a few weeks later that same bouncer got fired so I decided to persist once again. This time I mentioned the fact that I knew that the bouncer, who was fired, didn't like me and reinforced the fact that he was fired when conversing with her. Then I told her that I must not be such a bad guy if I am still there and he wasn't. After I said that she smiled and told me that I'm cute.

    A few minutes later I see her write something on a piece of paper and walk over to me. She takes a napkin and the paper and lifts my drink to put it underneath. I smiled and waited a few minutes to grab the paper. When I did it had her number and name written on it.

    Following that I went to the bathroom and texted her my name while in there. I ordered another drink after that only to feel my phone vibrate. She sent me a text that said, "You're cute ". I replied with a smiley face as well and then went home after I finished my drink.

    The next day...

    I end up getting a text from her, "Hey!" I was a bit surprised to hear from her so soon but it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless. I replied with, "How's it goin?" She told me something along the lines of, "Good, what are you doing?" I told her I had a busy day that day but I am free on Saturday. I then told her where we can meet and what time. She agreed and I told her that I'll see her then.

    That Saturday...

    So I waited until Saturday and messaged her around 11 am. I told her that I'd let her know when I was leaving. She said, "Ok" and we did just that.

    I took her to a place where my friends are usually hanging out at and they did happen to be there - so I think that scored me some points. After having a drink there I took her to a quieter spot around the corner. We had another drink and I decided to go in for the kiss; which she gave me. We made out a little more after that.

    I could tell she was very into me so I asked her if she wanted to go back to mine or her place. I remember her telling me that she had her own place in an earlier conversation that night. I like to go to their place, because it gives me the freedom to leave whenever I want and I don't have to get them a cab home when it's time for them to leave. So she agreed to take me back to her place and that is exactly what happened.

    I had a good amount to drink that night so I sucked in bed. I am surprised she wanted to see me again after that actually; it just goes to show that not all women care just about the sex. I did better the next time we hooked up though.

    We saw each other for about 3 months before I left for Japan. We were hooking up a healthy amount also; around 3-4 times a week. She would call me everytime that she got out of work.

    After that I went to Japan for a month and I think she met someone while I was gone. When I got back we hooked up 2 more times and 1 of those times we got drunk and didn't use a condom. She was paranoid the whole following month because her period came late.

    I texted her to see what was going on and she told me that she was very scared about thinking she might have been pregnant. She then told me that she didn't want to see anyone for awhile. So I haven't heard from her in a few weeks - so I don't expect much now.

    She is 21 and I am 30. She's in college at a good University and doesn't want to mess that up. So it is what it is. Nevertheless it was a good time and I am glad I experienced all the hookups we had regardless.

    Anyway, that's all I got for today. Feel free to leave your own comments or feedback and thanks for reading!

    -PUA Redsky
    Fear of rejection = Fear of success

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    Default Re: Lay Report: Russian Bartender

    Nice man, drunk game can be pretty fucking fun

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