Hey everybody,

I was in Japan last January for a month and managed to bed a few hottie locals. Today I am going to cover the first Japanese girl I hooked up with; which was in Osaka.

Well this all happened right after I went on a date with another girl that I met in a club that was actually right next to where I met the current girl. I crashed and burned with the first date. That girl was during the day and she new hardly a word of English. Anyway things didn't work out and she went home.

After that I went to a club called G3 that is kind of small but is cheap promotions for foreigners. I made a friend with a doctor from the U.K. when I was on the date before and he messaged me on Facebook to wing with him for the night.

So we went to G3 and we both started dancing, drinking and enjoying the vacation. The music was actually pretty great and the DJs were on point.

I had done a few approaches before on some American girls but they seemed to be more into other ethnicities. They were responsive but not completely invested so I moved on and just enjoyed the music.

I noticed these two girls that kept looking at me and my friend when we danced. At one point my friend accidentally bumped them and I saw them light up when he apologized. I could tell they were into us from then on.

I started dancing with the hotter one for a moment. She started to speak to me in English and I thought to myself, "Perfect."

I took my time and didn't make a move too fast. I pulled her in a little closer after 10-15 minutes. I wasn't grinding just enough room to put my hands around her waist. When I saw that she was comfortable with this I moved my head into hers and got a kiss. I made sure I did it fast because I know that she would pull away - since PDA is so taboo in Japan. Once I got the kiss I pulled away for a moment and started dancing next to my friend when a good song came on.

I came back after the music dulled down and asked her name. I also asked them where they were from and they told me some smaller city south of Osaka; which I can't remember. Apparently she was studying in Osaka and had learned English in school when she was younger. We continued to dance and my friend was kind enough to get me a drink.

We ended up staying until the place closed. After we finished dancing the girl I was talking with wanted to go to the bathroom; so I walked her to the bathroom downstairs. Her friend came down a few minutes after she went in and walked by me without saying anything.

I didn't really talk much with the other friend - so I didn't really build much trust. However it didn't matter because I managed to convince the girl I was with to go get food with me when she got back from the lady's room.

After I said bye to my friend from the U.K., that didn't seem to be into the other girl, I told the Jgirls I knew a good place to get food by my place. I also told them that I had to stop by my place to get money anyway. There was another Japanese guy that was interested in the other friend also.

They all agreed to come with me and we walked towards my place. About a block away from my Airbnb the friend said she didn't want to walk anymore. The girl I was with told her friend to go and that she was coming with me. After that, her complaining friend left with the other guy.

I took her to my place and we started making out on my bed. She put up a little resistance but I pulled through with my amazing kissing and Kino skills haha... and we hooked up. I hooked up with her 1 more time in the morning before she left as well.

I am still in touch with her and talk to her on LINE once a week. I am probably going to visit her the next time I am in Japan. She was pretty hot and a pretty fun hookup.

Well that was my first Jgirl in Japan, hope this helped, feel free to leave feedback and comments. Thanks for reading!

-PUA Redsky