Hello my friends,

Today I am going to talk about another Japanese girl that I met in Tokyo. This is another Japanese girl that I took down while on my last trip to Japan.

She was a very curvy Japanese girl and I really enjoyed hooking up with her because she let me do whatever I wanted - classic Jgirl. Out of all the Japanese girls that I've been with I probably enjoyed the sex most with her.

Anyway how I met her was pretty random... I was going about my business of trying to hook up with as many Japanese girls as humanly possible when I bumped into a group of people at a free Karaoke bar in Shinjuku.

I talked to her and her other Japanese friend briefly at one point. There was a long list of people wanting to sing. So I had to wait for awhile and still couldn't sing because the place closed before I had a chance.

Eventually after it closed everyone of us were outside the now-closed bar. The majority of us were tourists so we all wanted to go somewhere cool after to continue the party. Among the more ambitious of us were a couple of spanish guys that had an idea to go somewhere with the 2 Japanese girls I met earlier.

Somehow we all managed to convince the girls to go with us. They also had a male Japanese guy with them also. A little later we scouted out an affordable karaoke bar that had individual rooms for groups. We entered and continued the party. The place was pretty awesome and we also got to drink as much as we wanted.

Earlier that night when I was talking to the thick Jgirl I remembered her asking me if I had a girlfriend. I know from experience that usually when girls ask me this it means they find me attractive. So I gave her space and let everyone else try to pick her up for a bit.

Fortunately for me none of the guys had any luck with that girl. 1 of the spanish guys screwed up by telling her he had a girlfriend and thinking she would still hook up with him after she knew that. Saying that you have a girlfriend is like the worst thing a guy could say when trying to hook up with a Jgirl. So he immediately got shunned from getting any play that night and was pretty much singing alone on 1 side of the table the whole night.

The other friend of his was nice but overly aggressive. I had been experimenting earlier in Osaka with being a little more aggressive than normal, because someone told me Japanese girls are used to this kind of behavior, but I learned quickly that the majority were not fond of this. So I eased back and went back to my more calm and chilled out way of gaming.

To make a long story short: The other spanish guy crashed and burned. He actually scared the thicker girl and the Japanese guy that came with the girls had already hit things off with the other Jgirl.

At the end of the night, when our Karaoke time ran out, I was the only guy left that didn't shoot himself in the foot. I refrained from giving out too many details about myself - even though at the time I also had a girlfriend. The thick Jgirl was standing right next to me in the end and clearly wanted me to pull her close; which I did.

I ended up kissing her right in front of the 2 spanish guys and the look on their faces was just shattering. But that's life... sometimes you win and sometimes you don't.

Well those 2 guys ended up leaving and I sugested that the Jgirl come back to my Airbnb; which she did. Her 2 friends left together and I got laid.

Let me also share that her English was pretty decent. She could communicate effectively, so this probably helped a good amount. I already previously spoke about how hard it is game a girl without having a language medium where the two of us can communicate comfortably. I'm pretty sure I talked about this in the last lay report; but yes it sucks.

Overall I had a good time and hooked up with her a couple of more times before I left. She actually messaged me to hang out almost every day after that. I still have her contact info on LINE and will probably hit her up next time I am in Tokyo.

All in all...

Was a good experience for me. I put a lot of work into gaming in Japan. Much more work than I normally do at home and it paid off.

So that was the last Jgirl I was successful getting with. Thanks for reading, hope this helped some of you and feel free to leave some feedback or share your own experiences as well.

-PUA Redsky