Without further ado let me introduce to you Girl#1. I just introduced Girl#2. So here I wanted to introduce Girl #1!

Anyway Girl #2 is my Apartment Manager, and Girl #3 is a Model. So Girl #1 is the Bartender.

As you can start to notice a trend here? I don't just get with hot girls. I get with hot girls WITH status. That's the only thing that floats my boat anymore.

Meet Girl #1 The Bartender

Just met her last weekend actually. But wanted to report it since this is an exciting time indeed it's like I am back in the Matrix.

So I am going to record my findings here as the days go by. Look for future updates coming from me.

Helllooo Nurse

Let's just say things have changed drastically. I started approaching at well the Club but I gradually gravitated towards the bar and I actually leaned more towards the bar and it pretty much become the bar exclusively.

Until now.

Something happened I don't understand.

Every time I went to the bar there was meg hot chicks there during the Summer for YEARS. The last several years. While I was living in my Mom's house.

Well I moved out (Yeah!)
But the girls disappeared,

but my standards also went sky high. Now I no longer do "cold approach" I do "selective approach" very very selective might I add.

Anyway I am getting off track here let's just say the bar has been null on high class women of late.

So you think I am being lazy no that's not the case.

I just grinded with a hot azz HB10 last weekend but she was from Maryland. ANNND in a 6 set (and the designated driver) I have never even opened a 6 set!! So it is likely that I prematurely closed and had no way of saving myself it was a bust set.

Just a bad one.

I got onto the dance floor and then realized I just approached a 6 set without knowing.

So got blown out. Move on.

But the bar has been dead of hot women (except that one) or the ones I see are with dudes (like I ain't dumb when they are together)

So anyway the bar was dead for 3 weeks strait and it is Summer I am supposed to be killing it!!

So as my desperate plea (and despite my better intelligence) I decided to go back to the Club (knowing my exes would be there) and they were

And I had security called on me

Dang it.

But I used to be the man there always getting in free and on good terms. It is just my exes are bent so they are trying to get revenge.

But all I did was order a drink (yeah that's my crime)
And he accused me of ahem "leaning into the bar?" wtf that is the lamest thing ever. I am drinking and not allowed to lean into the bar?? Hoppycock.

I didn't tip my ex (a bartender at the club) and vowed never to see her again.

You see I have very good game at the Club. My exes are just upset I kind went around to all the bartenders and waitresses and started getting a bad rep for myself. So I got on bad terms with some (well all) bartenders at some point but it was a growing point since while my Club game was getting tore up my bar game was taking off. I got a bj in the bathroom. Numbers like candy. Grinding with any chick I wanted. Pulling. Being taken for whirlwinds.

But my Club Game was stalling.

But the bar was dead and in spite of my ex I just had to go.

Then I saw another newer ex and was like oh dang other way. So actually right now I have to avoid 2 exes at the club.

But for some strange reason I stayed.

And the funniest thing happened.

IT happened.

Again. One last time.

Like magic. So I put out the fire and let the fire burn.

Getting burnt by my ex by security 3 weekends ago I decided to avoid ex #2 (right move) and found new girl. But if I stayed with ex #2 it probably would have ruined my night with another hostile situation so this was great I MADE THE RIGHT CALL.

I was having a good time (by myself) being no good sets to open I just decided to stick with it (knowing hot chicks tend to appear out of nowhere when you least expect it)

and like magic it happened.

She appeared out of nowhere at the bar.

In the Club.

I stood there. And stared. She sparkled. I just marveled.

I looked into her eyes "was this destiny?" "or something meant to be?"

So I just let it be.

I was burnt. I was hurt. But I let it burn.

I did nothing.

But I felt it. And I let it move through me.

"Thanks babe"
She tells me after my drink. My senses spiked.

"target acquired" my pua self kicked in.

This was it. My redemption.

I put it into action.

Started coming back.

She goes to me
"Hi guy"

I go to her
"Blue Moon"

Putting nothing into it.

But I couldn't help myself
"Thanks babe" I go to her after the drink.

It's on. I can't help myself. It just happens.

I put it five fold.

This time I won't care telling myself.

But she just keeps grabbing.

"So what's your name?"

She goes to me. Yes to me. The bartender is hitting on me. I was totally aloof. But I felt it. And then it took hold.

"Jack" I told her. "what's yours" I asked "Jazmine" "Good name" I told her.

And poof. Like a playful princess she was she kept it going.

"So you come here a lot" She asked. "No but I will now." I told her.

We stood there having a moment and I told her "You take care of me"
"I will always" she said. Man her words just destroyed me. I was swimming hard now.

Fully immersed.

I took an Uber and got out of there early cuz my phone was dying.

Whew! I survived night 1. Now to run my Bartender game routine.

I will be back to update in the coming months. Will keep you posted. I literally met her last weekend. So it's time to start going back to the Club again.