lay report: Orange County Girl

Now this was a fun lay and I actually went all the way to L.A. and she came to see me. I met her at this local Irish bar in mid-town. A tourist trap kind of thing, but always teaming with fresh new faces from all over the world.

I was with one of my old wing-men, a Russian, who is tall and unafraid to approach. He doesn't have the best game and dances kind of weird, yet he is bold and I respect him for his relentlessness.

Anyway, he went up to her and for some crazy reason told her that I wanted to meet her. For some crazy reason that worked. We did the formalities and it was fairly obvious that I seemed to be her type by how much she was tuned in to the conversation.

I met her was probably within 45 mins before the bar was closing. It was on a Wednesday I believe. I usually only go out on weekends these days, but on occasion when the weather is good, I'll hit up the town on a weekday.

This was almost a month after getting back from Japan - so I just babbled on about that and alternated between what she did or what she was into. She told me that she was an actress and I later Googled her and saw that she is on IMDB. I know quite a few people on that site, the german girl from a couple of years back included. Apparently it must not be that difficult to get on there.

So eventually the bar closed and we wound up outside. I mentioned that I knew a place that still served beer. She was all for it and my Russian friend wanted to go too.

When we got there, her and I isolated ourselves to a separate table and after that I made a move and kissed her. I guess she had just gotten out of relationship and I seemed to be her rebound. My friend eventually left because he saw that he was just the third wheel.

After a few beers and a few servings of appetizers I suggested we go back to my place to chill. She asked if I had anything to drink and I said I have some wine. That seemed to seal the deal.

When we got to my place, I poored both of us some wine in some plastic cups (So romantic) and she lit up a cigarette. Thankfully my room-mates didn't smell it. I put on some Amazon Prime and after she finished her wine I moved in once again.

I banged her for at least an hour and a half. She had an amazing body; probably one of the sexiest bodies I've seen on a white girl. After I wore myself out we stopped and she set her alarm for around 9 am. She had to fly out around noon. Soon after all of that we passed out.

When the alarm went off, we woke up and hooked up a little more. I didn't get to finish because she was in a hurry, but the night before was still pretty good.

I went to L.A. last May and she came over to my Airbnb for another fun night. She had a boyfriend at the time also. I actually ended up getting a message from him on Facebook asking how I knew her at some point a few months later as well. I told him a random hookup in NYC! Haven't heard from her or him since.


Fun times... I wouldn't have minded having a regular booty-call like her, but L.A. or Orange county are not really my thing. Besides I have been with a few sexy girls of her caliber since then.

A few things I learned:

- Talking about travelling is a great way to build comfort.
- Don't kiss and tell; especially if the boyfriend is messaging you on Facebook.
- Sometimes a formal introduction from a friend can actually work (social proof).
- Random one-night stands can still lead to good sex.

And that's about it... thanks for reading and feel free to share your own thoughts or experiences as well!

-PUA Redsky