It's been a while since I posted. But it also have been quite some time since I been gaming. But I'm here to share a success story upon my return.

I went to the bar with my buddy this past weekend and it was 80% guys and maybe 5 girls. Lame ratios, but I was feeling good about myself so I started talking with a girl at a table. She was dancing sitting on her chair and to me she looked like she was trying to let lose. Some guys tried to get her to dance in the standing space and failed. I opened with "I don't forget a a set of beautiful eyes, but I do remember you were a good dancer, why are you so shy!". This opener was used to compliment her then negged her to be more fun. She laughs and we exchanged a few words. Later that night, she came back to the table and sat beside me along with her 2 friends. My buddy took care of the 2 and I chatted a bit more. Got her # and then isolated her to a house party nearby I knew was happening.

When I got her #, I texted her "Hey #PartyPooper, its the cute fellow sitting beside you. This is my #" She laughed and slapped my arm and asked if I really hashtagged in a text .... it's different and she found it amusing. This led to good rapport for the rest of the night. I wasn't creepy, and I also kept my distance. Bringing her to a house party also showed high social value.

The rest of the night was mellow, i didn't K close or anything spectacular. But I did manage to organize a date and drove her home. She texted me first thing in the morning to say she had a blast. We planned a few things we want to do over the next few months and it's looking good.

Hope you enjoyed the read. Add any feedback you have for me to improve in the future.