Hey guys, it's been a while since I posted. I'm now in sport fishing mode but occasionally I come up with a story that I must share. I go out with Chris Haven on a Saturday and I meet the baddest chick in the bar. She's just fire, solid 9.5 Afro-Cuban looks like Rhianna. I wish I could say I had something clever to open with but I didn't. I stopped and simply said, "Wow, your complexion is amazing. Hi, I'm Kino. You are." We immediately hit it off. I run the Castle. We exchange phone numbers. We text through the week. I invite her out the next Friday.

Fast forward to Friday, she shows up with 4 other girls. We dance, we drink, things are going perfectly. She goes to the ladies room with her friends and comes back stone cold. I have no idea what happened. I take a moment to consider my next move. Oh, I know my next move, I'm Kino Mutha F%^$king Suave Biaaa.

I do not have time for whatever the hell this is. I turn and walk to the bar to meet with Chris Haven. As soon as I get to the bar some girls come up almost between Chris and I. One of these girls fine as effff and in close proximity so I start talking to her. She leans in because of the crush of people trying to get to the bar. Soon after she puts her hands on my drink and I pull it away. She say's you should buy me a drink. I look her in the eye and say, I don't buy drinks for girls I haven't kissed. This catches her off guard, but she get's a big smile. I kiss her. It was a great kiss and I made sure to grab a hand full of ass. I bought her that drink.

This girl is crazy hot and immediately in to me in a big way. She's 25, I'm 42. The original girl I went to meet was 24. Anyway, we made our way to the dance floor and according to Chris the girl and her friends couldn't believe my nerve, staring at me mouths agape. I replaced you in 5 minutes biaa. Me and the new girl hit off big time. Ya boy ran some masterful game on that one. The Castle, making out, ridiculous PDA.

Now here is my FAVORITE part of the story. Chris was running game on the friends. When I ditched her she asked him to dance. He stepped up like a boss and sarged her. When I saw her lead him to the dance floor I gave him a thumbs up, because dammit I was just proud. He pulled me aside and asked me if I cared, I told him to bang her because she is fine as hell. I texted her to let her know it was cool with me. She has had a hard time accepting that I really truly don't care.

Truth is, I dropped her so fast because I knew my skill would provide. I know my value. You're a pretty face. I'm a CEO and a PUA, do the math. My skill delivered the next one. Within 5 minutes, I was kissing another flaming hot girl. The kind of a girl where guys you don't will nod you their approval and women have stopped her and comment on how beautiful she is. As we left the club together arm in arm, I made sure to say bye to Chris, his new friend, and her friends. Oddly enough, they weren't all that friendly. Chris, you're my boy and she is bad you need to tear that up.