lay report: Sexy Texas Girl

I met this girl awhile back at a bar that I go to from time to time. I really didn't talk to her much at first. I was a bit withdrawn because I got in a fight the week before and had nearly gotten my finger bitten off; In fact I had to get 7 stitches.

Well, I was walking around the bar with this finger contraption, gauze and medical tape when she took notice; which led to her asking me what happened. I told her about the guy that tried to bite my finger off in a fight. I even showed her a video that some girl I know recorded when it happened. She was clearly impressed, I could tell by her body language. She got more attentive and rewinded the video a couple of times.

Anyway, I backed off and hung out closer to the front of the bar - where some of my friends were. My friends and I sipped our drinks and talked about whatever. I didn't even talk to this girl again until towards the end of the night, before the bar closed.

The entire night her and her blonde friend were getting stalked by a few Indian guys that were on the prowl. They were nice to the guys, but clearly had no intention of going home with any of them. I could tell, so I didn't think much of it and just let time pass.

At the end of the night they were hanging out right outside the bar, so I reopened them and suggested going to an afterhours that I know of. The one I showed the video in the beginning of the night was up for it. Her friend wasn't so much, but the girl I was talking with was clearly the head hen.

When the Indian guys saw that I was stealing their girls, the biggest one put his hand out and was like, "no". I just looked at him with an apathetic look, because quite frankly, I didn't give a damn what was going down. I already nearly had my finger bitten off a week before - so I didn't really care if I got in another fight.

Thankfully, the guy backed down. Following that I hailed a cab. The girls got in the cab with me without any hesitation. I didn't say much, the 2 girls just talked back and forth about what they thought of the bar. The girl I was with felt very comfortable with me. She was actually leaning her body against me when talking in the cab - a pretty obvious indication of interest.

We eventually got to the afterhours and they ordered their beers first. I went to the bathroom as they ordered, so I could avoid them asking me to pay.

I come back, get myself my own beer and tell them we should go to the back where it isn't that crowded. We talked a little about my finger and how they just moved to NYC from Austin, Texas. I just sipped my beer and chilled. I still didn't say much, because I was in deep thought about my mangled finger. I had booked a flight to L.A. the following week and was a bit disappointed - since I was no longer 100%.

Anyway, the blonde friend went to the bathroom at some point and I told the girl I was with that I was a little tired and might leave in a few. Her friend comes back a few minutes later and says she's ready to leave. She was trying to nonverbally get her friend to go with her, but her friend tells her, "I think I want to stay a little longer." She also tells her that she can leave if she wants and that she'll be fine with me. The blonde friend was like, "Are you sure?" and the other girl nods her head yes.

After the blonde friend leaves, I am stuck there with my beer and this really sexy white girl with a booty. I didn't even hesitate, I could tell the sexual Tension was rampant, so I put my arms around her waist and dive in. We made out and the chemistry was on point. She was anticipating this the whole time - I could feel it.

When we finished our beers, we went outside to grab a cab. Then headed back to my place. I asked where she lived, but she lived in Brooklyn. I live in Manhattan, so my place was much closer.

We get to my place and took turns using the bathroom. When we both finish up, she comes and lays next to me and we start making out. I take off her shirt and she takes off mine. Then we take off the rest of our clothes. I slide on a condom from my night-stand drawer and we end up screwing each other's brains out.

In the morning we screwed some more and I took her to breakfast after. She told me that only 2 other guys ever made her orgasm like I did. I don't know if that's a compliment or not, but I took it as one. I didn't see her again after that. I left for L.A. and was there for a month. By the time I got back I assumed she had met someone else and already moved on to another girl.

However it was good times, but bad timing to really form any kind of friend with benefits type of thing; since I was already heading to Cali. Oh well, all that matters is that we enjoyed ourselves.

So that is about it! Feel free to leave some comments and tell me what you think. Thanks for reading!

-PUA Redsky