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    Default Black Holes and Revelations

    field report
    – Friday May 7th 2010

    I am writing this at 4:30 in the morning. You might wonder why I'm writing this right now, but I have to get last night out of my head before I can even think of sleeping. Last night me and Tube, who has been my fellow sargerer (is that even a word?) for some time, went out. Due to some inconveniences (LTRS and stuff), for the first time in months. What started off to be a promising night ended as a good learning experience at most. Let me explain to you why.

    They say you never forget certain things. Things like riding a bike, writing, or heck, even f*cking. I can tell you gentleman, sarging is not part of that list. Tonight felt like a major blackout. All the openers were gone, and the uncertainty and hesitation came back in its place.

    It wasn't as if I didn't get the ioi's though. A couple of them were even solid. All that stood in the way of me and a K-close was some sweet game talk. Not bad you'd say. The truth however, is somewhat different.

    As the night went on, I kept on waiting for that momentum. You know, that moment you feel nothing can stop you from sarging every damn girl in the room. I might as well tell you right now, that momentum didn't come. Even worse though, I got more and more tired as the night moved along. Almost like an athlete who has been out for a few months too many. Perhaps sarging is like running a marathon. It takes practice and perseverance. And rehearsal. Neglecting that for the last couple of months finally backfired. As I stood in the club I felt like a silent spectator. Watching all the guys behaving like wild beasts hunting for their prey.

    Truth of the matter is though, the girls were also a bit too willing. Me and Tube agreed most women in that room were either 40+ (and, at the same time, the only ones actively sarging us), or sluts. A real PUA ofcourse doesn't like slutish girls. They are food for the masses. PUA's are the elite. And they've got their own exquisite taste.

    So all in all, the environment was not working with us either. Perhaps the two Dutch-Spanish girls, who were as busy rejecting men as they were dancing, came close to my standards. I even had some quite allright small talk with them. Too bad I just missed the sharpness to take that small talk to the next level. Where I used to have a complete repertoire of phase-shifts, my head felt like a huge black hole sucking away all the knowledge that had proved to me so fruitful in the past.

    Luckily, that knowledge doesn't have to be lost forever. As for now, I'm gonna get myself a drink, and bring out a toast to my freshly made up good intentions, starting with reading the Game again. And finishing it this time. For now, good night and God speed.

    –. (my sarging alias is still under construction)
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    Lazlow Guest

    Default Re: Black Holes and Revelations

    I'd also like to post Tube's response to my field report

    Field report confirmation.
    Saturday May 8th

    I, The Tube, hereby declare this field report to be accurate.

    Here are some statistics:

    Potential targets with which interacion took place: 5.
    Desired targets: 3.
    Opened sets: 3.
    Sets that opened on their own initiative: 1.
    Capitalized: 0.

    Alltough *sarge name under construction* has pretty much said it all I'd just like to add that indeed there seems to be potential and opportunity. Of course we're a little rusty, and the fact that the sets WERE opened is good enough for a first night. On a side-note: I indeed was kind of under the weather myself and the beer had a strange effect I found out later while sleeping, just like *Sarge name under construction* suggested. If these factors wouldn't be there, a game can be played much more effective.

    I'd like to compare it to a recent tennis experience. 12 years ago, I used to play tennis with a guy I always beat. 2 weeks ago, we played once again, one set. He beat me, with 6-2. This week however, my game was right, I knew what to expect again, and beat him with 6-3. The feeling was back. The same thing should happen when it comes to playing the game of women.

    So, it was a night full of lessons and pointers. The potential is there, we just have to capitalize on it. If you have money in your bankaccount and you don't use the ATM, how are you ever going to spend it?

    With that, I leave you all for now. Until next time!

    ---- ---- The Tube.

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    Default Re: Black Holes and Revelations

    Don’t sweat it dude. Sounds like you just need to knock the rust off of it. Do that and im sure it will all come flooding back. Remember that the nervousness never goes away, as style describes it, its like a pebble in your shoe you just ignore its not a factor. You just have to get use to that feeling again. Go beat it up tonight bring a cheat sheet, and open as much as you can

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