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Thread: A Get Away

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    I finally was able to meet up with a 6 white blonde yesterday, that i was trying to meet up with for weeks. I didnt go alone because due to being military i have to have a friend accompanny me, so a good friend who is an alpha male from liverpool, England came with. I met her outside a japanese movie theatre as a meet up spot. I introduced myself formally and she was alone. and thats When i noticed she had the most annoying voice i ever heard and she talked alot. She had also dropped to a 4 due to thick nerdy glasses a mole on her face that i'm pretty sure kept moving and her lame jokes and constant talking. I couldnt stand her the four hours that i hang out with her she kept pushing to get to know me and i kept pushing her away. My alpha male friend whom i let him have her so he spent most of the time talking to her while i tried to find ways to politely ditch her with no result. My friend said i shouldnt be so nuerotic because there are very few girls on this small island that speak english. all i could say in return was i'm not here forever. so i guess if someone could give me suggestions on ditching a girl without being extremely rude and hurting thier feelings.

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    Default Re: A Get Away

    tell her you got an emergency message and you have to run back into the base and make scary faces LOL

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    I love that and it would totally work cus im a medic


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