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    Default Help with check out girl

    Curious on advise on what might be a way to handle this situation HB7. Normally trying to do game on a grocery store clerk would be easier, the issue is this store is very high volume and no matter what time/day you go you "always have someone" behind you. So unless you are packing an entire shopping cart normal time with what I get is 30seconds-1minute..give or go. Although I'm sure for a PUA vet this is nothing hard, so here goes:

    So I've gone into her lane about 5 times now. 1-2 times we just said hello. I noticed on perhaps the 3rd time she was giving me ioi's. I would be waiting in line and she would flip her hair, ect after I caught her looking at me... but I'm Fairly sure she don't think I know , she is interested.

    on the 4th and 5th time we actually exhanged funny stories about something that recently happened to us (so I do have atleast 1 item to go back on that happened to her) On the last time I saw her, she was asking what have I done for fun lately. Honestly I was thinking about something else at the time so I went quickly and just said, I have to work tomorrow so I'm not going out tonight. I knew that if she was interested she would then ask what I did for a living (I actually like doing this because my work is interesting). I mentioned what I did. I then asked her what she's been up too, she indicated she just got back from a trip from (SD).... in a normal thing this would of just gone into a great conversation, but next customer ends it.

    just wondering what could be a good move at this point. Kino is really not an option with someone behind a counter.. I'm thinking I have to Isolate her and I'm past the attraction stage , oddly almost seems like comfort stage which is odd with these short meetings.
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    Default Re: Help with check out girl

    the Isolation comes in being different from 'every other customer'. we are the anomoly. we are the one who stood out by treating her well. by acknowledging that she has a shit job and showing compassion with her

    i have juiced up that many pussies working behind checkouts, tired of being faceless etc... very sincerely i empathise and make a joking or caring comment as though i am with her on it

    some blokes cant do this without coming across as fake. maybe they are not spiritually evolved enough to empathise with another soul. feel her out, listen with your heart. i really enjoy a lady's energy and i know when i comment on it to her she will be grateful because i care about women.

    tonight the chick i been sniffing around put across a statement that she doesn't like football. the bloke there also after her tried to trip me up and getting me to talk about footy to her. i told her that perhaps she better leave while i talked about footy.

    she just laughed and said i am good. we had a laugh about it
    thing is it isnt important what i talk about. what is important is that i like the person

    thats another for the check out person... for a 1 minute encounter choose out three things about them that you like....

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